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~Naive, The Kooks 
^The chorus is my favorite part..

Jazmine Wolf, 20
Vancouver, Canada
Job: Receptionist & Waitress
Personality: impulsive, stubborn, naive, spontaneous
Bio: This blonde Canadian wasn't born into wealth, but you could never tell. Ever since she was a little girl, her parents taught her how to manage money wisely and be able to live like the wealthy. Upon turning 18, she did just that. She had saved a lot of money and finally could afford to move to Vancouver, the big city. She always believed in love since her parents had been going strong for over two decades. Somehow, Jazmine found herself married to a rich, affluent man. Even thought she felt the marriage was rushed and she was only 18, she began to love her "perfect life". She had a great husband, Leo, and she would never have to worry about money again! Her fairytale soon ended. She was heartbroken, lonely and scared. How was she going to get by, now that her husband left her? Jaz's only choice was to move to New York, where one of her cousins lived. College was out of the question for this broken girl, so she had to look for a job. Now she works at the Waldorf-Astoria. She's trying to recreate a new life for herself, but her sorry past keeps replaying in her mind.
Model: Marloes Horst
Taken by: @istylista

My name's Jazmine, but call me Jaz if you want to be my friend. I just moved to New York a year ago and I'm still barely finding my way around. I've been working at the Astoria for about a year as well. I heard some newbies are coming to the hotel this month, so I'm excited to meet everyone. I suppose I can show you around if you're new. 


***By the way, I'm Ella and I'm turning 15 very soon! I'm from California and I am a crazy, sarcastic person.***
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