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well except for weekends.

then you'll see my partyingggg.

My new friends at high school are so nice *__* Even though we're like the nerdy bunch. Except for this one girl. She annoys me. ;__; But whatever. 

But I swear, I'm sick of hearing the trivial, stupid gossip around me... .__. They're just so much of it. Some people just have the NEED to get into others business. I want to scream STFU in their faces.

So I scored a 100 on my English 1 H summer reading exam. My teacher, who is practically ancient, said it was the first 100 she had given out in a few years. I was like... omg if this was the first 100 given out in a long time... then seriously i don't know what to say cus I'm like the worst writer ever.
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