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Faster Pussycat is giving out a free concert + free drinks night at Gazarri. Heard they are also pretty cute ;)

If there was one thing I liked, it was to stand out. And not even my blue furry pimp coat mattered when David Bowie himself was holding my waist and leading me to the event. Everyone seemed to pay attention to the girl who was with the legend.

The club was full of people and it smelt like pot, tobacco, sweat and cheap perfume, all mixed up in one. I felt a little dizzy and the music was too loud, but I still loved the atmosphere. You could feel the freedom pumping through your veins.

“I want you to try something special” he said, grabbing something from his pocket. “Tongue out” he said. The thing that he got out was a tiny square of paper. He put it in his tongue, like a sticker, and touched my tongue with it. We ended up French kissing with that paper rolling inside our mouths. 

Within a few seconds, I felt like I was seeing the world through a kaleidoscope. Everything sounded as if I was underwater. And the floor was shaking and expanding. And I could see the night sky through his eyes, two black holes printed with shiny dots. 

I laughed. He laughed. 

The music sounded a hundred times better, and the people’s faces seemed to change of color and shape. I danced and jumped in the crowd. I felt the adrenaline in my blood. And the only thing I could really see was light. And I felt like I was floating and a thousand of different horses of starry fur carried me around the place.

And everything happened so fast and the light went off. I was in absolute darkness. 

I opened my eyes, slowly, and found myself at the restrooms, sitting in the sinks, with my make up all smeared up. My head hurt like crazy. I wanted to die and cry and curl into a ball and fall asleep right there. 

Everyone had said drugs were fun. At least they seemed to be right when I was into their trance. 

Someone opened the door. I didn’t care. I was crying at that point. My head felt like it was going to break into two pieces.

“Uh… are you alright?” someone asked me with a very thick British accent. 

I cleaned my tears and looked at the person who was in front of me. A very blonde, tall and all suited up in leather girl. She seemed drunk; maybe that’s why she was curious.

“Always” I lied and smiled. I jumped off the sinks with grace, and, just when I was about to hit the floor in a perfect way, my ankle cracked and I fell. “OH F/UCK!!” I screamed.

I had broken my f/ucking ankle. Gosh, I hated my life. Could this night go worst? It just had gotten.

“Oh God!” she said and got down to help me. I didn’t have enough tolerance to pain. I just cried like a little b-itch and started to whine. Like always.

“MY F/UCKING ANKLE. DEAR GOD, WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY F/UCKING LIFE!!” I sobbed, while the girl was a bit confused; and maybe surprised. 

“You’re going to be fine” she said, still with that accent and held me even tighter. 

I breathed deeply a few times but it didn’t work out. “WHAT IF THEY NEED TO AMPUTATE IT?! I’m going to lose my fucking foot, oh no, please no…”

And I kept sobbing. What if, what if, what if…? I was a bit too dramatic, maybe.

“Could you shut up, please? “, she said after five minutes of me sitting in the floor while she inspects my foot. “It’s probably nothing that a sling does not fix”

She helped me to stand up and walk towards the door. I was still crying a little but trying to hold on. I started to talk again to break the tension. I couldn’t handle the absolute silence.

“Thank you for not leaving me laying in the dirty a/ss floor of this sh/itty place. I owe you one, girl” She nodded and I tried to walk on it, but it hurt even more. 

“By the way, my name is Lola Reed. Yours?” I asked, trying to distract myself from the pain while tears still crossed my face. 

“Phoenix Shroxshire”


We were again inside the club. The band was playing its last song and everyone was even hyper than before. I just sat next to Phoenix and her friends because David was still missing and I was too tired and in pain.

I had been talking to her and her friend, Judas, who both seemed to be really interesting and nice people., though Judas seemed a little sad and tired. I didn’t want to say anything because I barely knew them and I wasn’t so indiscrete. She had also introduced me to this pretty cool band called Guns ‘N’ Roses, and they all seemed really cool too. But I couldn’t meet the lead singer because he was somewhere else.

We laughed and talked and felt really good. I never felt good around people; usually, a feeling of not being welcomed and awkwardness invaded me, but now, I felt like they really liked me. And so did I.

While they made some insider jokes and things like that, I started to look around to try to see David, but, instead of him, I had found something much, much more beautiful, a pair of clear eyes on me. Mine were on him, too. When we looked at each other, something in my heart made it stop for just a second, and the little bugs that lived inside of my stomach to twirl like crazy. I could kiss his eyes and nose and cheeks and face. He was beautiful in a very conventional but odd way. He was a bad guy, and, I just didn’t care about anything anymore but him and his beautiful look.

“Jesus Christ, that’s a pretty face”
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