I was tagged by dear @mahora in her wonderful set: http://www.polyvore.com/deliriously/set?id=76875233&lid=1200023
#funshirts #jeans #loafers
So here are my answers, I'm skipping some of them since I had already answered them in previous tags.
[1] whats your name?
[2] what name did your parents almost call you?
They didn't have another option
[4] got any pets?
[5] hair and eye color?
Brown hair and dark brown eyes
[6] how old are you?
[7] when is your birthday?
26th of February
[8] what are your parents names?
Josefina and Jesús
[9] is your hair curly, wavy or straight?
Wavy and somedays curly
[10] a celebrity you find attractive:
Milo Ventimiglia and Leo DiCaprio
[11] favorite country that u have visited :
I really need to travel more because I haven't been to all the place I would like to go.
[12] current favorite song?
Stay - Rihanna
[13] favorite makeup brand you use?
Lancome and Yves Rocher
[14] favorite hairstyle?
Braids and lately buns.
[15] favorite movie? I have a big list, one of them is The Matrix
[16] what do u want to call your first child?
Some ideas: Carolina (Spanish version of Caroline for girl), Ricardo (for boy).
[17] current addiction?
Eating healthier and having my hair longer
[18] favorite color?
Love them all!
[20] celebrity role model : 
i don't think I have one right now...

I won't tag anybody this time. Thanks for reading!
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