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❖ Astrid Chevalier
age: 20
from: bordeaux, france
status: middle-class commoner
Astrid was born to a mother who always wanted better. Growing up, she was never one to be wearing frilly dresses. Her mother, who tried to force her to be Mommy's Little Princess, actually made Astrid more reluctant to listen to her. In fact, Astrid later grew up to be very headstrong. One of the boys, she finds it easy to navigate social circles. She's a great friend, and rarely gets caught up in the everyday drama that holds girls' attention. She's loyal to a fault, and rarely gets angry. The only time when she shows her anger is on the soccer field. An avid player since her youth, Astrid is a rising star. She is the most aggressive forward on her team. She's been taking the sports world by storm, and she'll continue to do so. One reporter has called her "the best thing since David Beckham," but she doesn't have a big ego. Out of all the girls at La Sarbonne, Astrid is one of the more neutral. She prefers not to get into catfights, but if one of her friends is attacked, she'll be standing behind them 100%. One of the things Astrid finds most difficult is getting along with boys in a romantic capacity. Sure, she's with them all the time (usually to kick their butts at soccer), but it's another for her to act like a, well, girl around any guy she likes. Unfortunately for her, the last thing the girls at La Sarbonne want is for this beautiful, sporty, charming girl to learn how to flirt. They'll do anything to stop this girl-next-door from getting anywhere.
model: bambi northwood blyth
owner: @anahelenaliveshere

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Five Facts, unique as they come (no guarantee’s on that one):
• She is named after a Swedish Author named Astrid Lindgren, as a child her mother read her books to her in German. (to add onto that she is fluent in German as well as French and Gaelic)
• Astrid is afraid of the dark, not as much as when she was a child but it sure makes it hard for her to enjoy the night life.
• She has four CD’s with her band ‘The Poppies’, they have a specific following.
• She is a fan of older Campy movies, she could never pass on watching something such as ‘The Evil Dead’, something she must keep from the other girls.
• If she needs to she can shoot out some fantastic comebacks, which comes in handy when she goes to debates. Something she has been doing since middle school.

1) Ok tell us about your past, where do you come from?
I am French by birth but I was not born in France, I was born in Sweden. I have a lot of German Heritage and my grandparents were part of WWII although neither my grandfather nor grandmother worked for any Nazi organization. My family has a history of taking the simplistic route of life rather then taking the extravagant, which is in many ways why my parents decided to keep their business to themselves. I believe that being able to relax without a paparazzi flashing their camera at you is better then the opposite, but only because my parents raised me in that fashion/

2) How do you know Marie, or if you don't what are the circumstances around you being invited to the wedding court?
We attended La Sarbonne together and shared quite a few classes, although we did not share the same social circle we did have some interesting conversations and I believe we could be considered friends. I also have connections to France’s Soccer Team and may soon be a representative of the Women’s Team, which has recently put my in the spotlight a bit more then I am used to. I also am under the impression that all who may soon be representing France, in my case as a Soccer player, are invited.

3) Can you tell us a few personal strengths and weaknesses?
Well, support is definitively one of my strengths. There has never been a case where I cannot help my friends. My weakness? I’d be lying if I said I had none, it’s most likely my issues with parental guidance. I love my parents but sometimes I just can’t bring myself to do what they want me to. Not that it puts me into a place of unruliness, many have issues with following parental guidance and they make the right choices for themselves.

4) What are you most looking forward to about moving to Versailles and taking part in court?
I am most looking forward to the fashion and politics. The on thing I did pick up from my mother (laughs) is her love for fashion. I may not have the same spark as she did but oh I can never pass up some good McQueen. The politics within the monarchy has been an interest of mine for quite sometime, while at the academy that is something I did pick up quite a bit on but I look forward to meeting the people who make it happen. I think those two come together as the people, I am excited to meet the many different people, famous or not, who form the court.

5) What is one thing the world should know about you?
I'm a very welcoming person. I may not be one to always invite you into my home but I've never tried to turn something now. So in many ways, I love trying new things.

 (out of character)
◆ why did you choose this character?
I felt like I could really relate to her personality and her relationship with men. I have the same issue, when I was younger I was practically the leader of the boys club and I never seem to be able to get past friends. So that sort of understanding is nice.

◆ can you honestly be active?
Yes, I have recently left quite a few inactive or unsuccessful groups, some I wish I didn’t have to leave others gladly. So the lack of large numbers of group plus my easy year so far will make it quite possible.

◆ why should we choose you for this character? 
Because I and dedicated to making this character work and I have been excited for this group since the moment it was created.
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