heh. i got gaga's new cd for a dollar on amazon. they don't have the promotion anymore though.

well wouldya look at that. A REAL SET. oh dang. i've been busy with real life. but i only have 4 days of school left :] 3 if you wanna combine my last two days since they're shortened days cause of exams but lkadhf;ladlfhad;lfhda. SUMMER. it doesn't feel like summer at all, like it's in the 60's right now. lame sauce. but this weekend's gonna hit the 90's and guess where i'll be. AT A SOCCER TOURNAMENT. yeah buddy. gotta love running in the blazing heat. 

i have an english project that i'm gonna do on monday. it's a commercial about standing up for what you believe in. i have this vision in my head that it'll be rad. if you want, i might be able to put it on youtube and show you all :]

i was supposed to see pirates again with my best friend but couldn't :p oh well, that means i get to watch ghost adventures on travel channel trolololololol. yeah...i'm bored.

so i had to give a group presentation in history today. lol. so funny. we weren't in the ideal time limit so i had to ramble about a bunch of crap. you shoulda seen me. i was a pure idiot.


PLEASE NO BORING, AVERAGE, OUTFITS or SETS. That is not really being a Trendsetter.
This group is for you if:
-you think outside the box
-you like trends but don't always follow them
-you stick to your fashion instincts
-you make creative sets showcasing YOUR PERSONAL STYLE
If this sounds like YOU, THEN JOIN THIS GROUP!!!
This group is all about ORIGINALITY! Be YOU!!

?Abso?ut??? An?thing?

?Abso?ut??? An?thing?

heyy everyone(:
-PM me on Fridays saying you want 5 faves! FAVE 5 FRIDAYS(:
-please submit all your amazing sets here!
-you can submit any set you absolutely want(:
-and please dont forget to enter the contests!!

triangles are hipster & so are we.

triangles are hipster & so are we.

this group is for you, if you agree that ▲= hipster. you like to over use these shapes, by slipping them into your sets, contact info & even conversations. members in this group, aside from obsessing over triangles, seem to like indie/alternative music, nutella, tumblr, moccasins, dream catchers, and using words like rad, chill, epic, bamf or dank instead of awesome. if these traits apply to you, please join.

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