Today is my friend Savannah's last day in our city. Let me reiterate. The closest friend i have ever had. Well, besides my friend Adrienne. Us three are inseparable. She's moving to another state tomorrow. Right as we are to be juniors in high school. The hardest school, especially at our particular school. You can probably imagine how distressed and sad we are about her moving. And you cannot even begin to imagine how much. 

Since she is moving tomorrow, today is her last day here. She wanted to go out to eat with me & A today so we are going to an awesome outdoor/indoor seafood restaurant (which is odd because she hates seafood ha) to have dinner. I am writing her a letter right now, but it is so hard trying to figure out what to say. A already wrote her a letter, we were both going to write her one to keep from us. Ha i am tearing up as i am typing this haha. I have only known her for four years, going on five. We had art class together in 7th grade and became best friends instantly. We did so many stupid pointless things in that class: someone had a tub of flavoured bubbles and someone would run upstairs in the art building and blow the bubbles and they would float down and we all would try to catch them in our mouth. Or the time we tried to eat cinnamon without choking. In art class. And that was just 7th grade. Sure, we have matured by far a whole lot since then. But our adventures we have had have always been full of memories. That was the beginning of a great friendship. I met Adrienne a year later and we have all three been best friends since. 

Since tonight is her last night, we are all going over to A's house and have our last sleep over. Besides, who says you are too old for sleep over's? We are going to try and make it the greatest one yet. That sounds so childish, but no girl ever outgrows a sleep over with her best friends. This is our last night together, the three of us. So yes. This is our last day together for a couple of years. Unless we go there during the summers WHICH I CAN surely say that we will be driving ourselves up there for summers to see her. 

I will miss you Savannah. 
Mi amiga. Mi mejor amiga.
Us three's theme song

"When im with anybody else its so hard to be myself and only you can tell
I'm only up when you're not down.
Don't wanna fly if you're still on the ground.
It's like no matter what I do.
Well you drive me crazy half the time;
the other half I'm only trying to let you know that what I feel is true.
And I'm only me when I'm with you."
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