Strip me {Natasha Bedingfield}

Concerning Georgina Astor

Who's her friend, her enemy, her acquaintance, her frenemy and her roommate? Does it work for you @luxecouture?

Please check out my latest collections with uploads from my tumblr. And if you have enough time left, please check the tumblr itself out, too.
I'd love you forever!

Isn't that model amazing? Who is she? It would be awesome to use her in a roleplay. 

Okay, how have you all been? I know I didn't really answer my messages, shame over me. And since school starts on Monday, it won't get any better. Shame over me! I hope I can keep up with MMP now, I really want to. But I can't join any other roleplays right now though there are some gorgeous ones. 

Ugh, does anyone here understand guys? I don't, for sure:/

Anyway, now I just babble and you really don't have to read all of this stuff because obviously, it's boring;)

Concerning Georgina again.
Best friends: @laceandlanvin @evebitchh @rockets-and-rainbows
Friends: @luxecouture @istylista @gabinoonoo2011 @opaldreamsofpeace @ellie-marina-xo @theskyispink @clairedear
Frenemies: @hannah-grace @vogueapparel
Enemies: @sydneygirl 

So as you see, she really needs a few more frenemies and enemies. Please comment, I may have forgotten some of you.
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