I have a question. My dad has had about 3 different jobs over a course of 15+ years. And they've been jobs in the World Trade Centers, etc. So you can imagine that he has knows a lot of people. So what would you do if so many of those people that you haven't talked to in 10 years start emailing you. Because they want jobs. How sad is that? So many of my dad's old friends are out of work and they have familes to support. 
Yesterday I was watching the news. The county that I live in is trying to propose that like, everyone can take a 7% pay-cut, or thousands of people lose their jobs. And we of course know the 'right one' to choose, but there's no saying what will happen. 

And you know what else is sad? That these sports players are still asking for millions and millions of dollars to go and play freaking baseball, while thousands of people are out of work. It's sad how they need all these new stadiums and shit when the old ones are perfectly fine. It's really sad how they don't even care.

blahh. sorry for that rant. it's been annoying me.

I have no school today. :] For some random reason. They have like a school district metting or something of that sort. I have homework. And I'm bored. And it's snowing. And I have a cold. ew. D:
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