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Pepper Lane; LTL

Saturday, 23rd – Everyone’s meeting at the 411 Club tonight for an under thirties night. It’s been a long week and we’re ready to let loose. Perhaps you’ll meet a new guy or just dance the night away with your girl friends.

- - - - 

{failure on my part for not posting this for like...3 days. anyways, tagging; @keziahh, @young-grasshopper, & @buds-over-studs}

"So sorry I'm late! I got caught up at the office." Pepper sighed exasperatedly as she walked up to Claudia and Lyla, who were currently chatting away at the bar. She tossed her keys and clutch onto the counter top, order her usual dry martini with lots of olives, and then smiled sheepishly at her friends for her uncharacteristic lateness.

"It's alright," Claudia said, brushing off the matter with a nonchalant shrug of her shoulders.

"Yeah," Lyla added, "You really haven't missed much anyways. People don't even start dancing until, like, 10pm."

"Wait, but why were you working? It's a Saturday."

Pepper chuckled at Claudia and rolled her eyes. "I'm always working, don`tcha know."

"Of course," Claudia replied back with a shake of her head and a look that pretty much screamed 'Pepper you work too much.'

"Any good looking guys?" she asked, opting to change the subject from her social life...or lack there-of.

"Nope," Lyla sighed. "Although there's a blonde cutie over there in the corner who keeps eyeing me. But he looks like he could be a potential candidate for a serial killer if you squint your eyes like this," she demonstrated, pointing out the guy in the back.

Pepper chuckled and shook her head at Lyla. "I hear those guys are the sweetest," she said with a wink.

"Speaking of guys," Claudia said, turning to Pepper once she took a sip of her own drink. Pepper looked up from her martini, half-way through finishing it off and blinked at Claudia.

"How was the party with Mr. I'm-Your-Boss?"

"What?" Pepper gasped, nearly choking on one of the olives. She coughed several times and sat her drink down.

"Oooh yes, you never told us how it went!" Lyla added, also turning to Pepper, eager to hear more.

"Oh yeah," someone else added. Pepper and the girls turned around to see Kate approaching them, smirking at Pepper. "How did it go?" she asked. "I'm dying to know."

"Nothing went on," she protested adamantly. "We danced. We talked. I bought us drinks. Then I left him to make sure that the flower arrangements were in order."

Kate perked a skeptic eyebrow at Pepper. "Really? Because you too looked a little comfy cozy on the floor, dancing together."

Pepper scowled at Kate, her eyes glaring angrily. She turned away momentarily to get another martini. She was definitely going to need a few more of those.

"Look," she said matter-of-factly to the girls. "Bradley and I are just friends. I'm his assistant, nothing more. It's all professional."

"Oooh, his assistant. Kinky," Kate cooed. Pepper flashed her another angry glare then took a breath and regained her composure.

"Sorry, there's just nothing really exciting going on between us at all," she said at last, her voice calm and cool. "I just make sure everything is in perfect order for Mr. Harrison. That's my job."

"Alright, alright," Claudia said, laying a tender hand on Pepper's shoulder. "Whatever you say, Pep."

"Look, this is all fine and dandy, but I'm getting bored and I want to find someone good looking enough to dance with," Kate sighed, pushing through the crowd around them as she headed to the dance floor.

Claudia and Lyla exchanged looks and then turned to Pepper to see what she was planning to do.

Noticing their apprehensive looks, she chuckled and grabbed her martini. "Oh I'm definitely dancing," she said. "But I'm going to need a few more of these until that guy with the blonde hair looks attractive enough to dance with."

She gulped down the rest of her second martini and then headed to the dance floor, along with Claudia and Lyla.
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