☼ Elise Montgomery ☼ 21
Model: Esther Heesch
Likes: soccer, Mario, N64, grass, the beach, bikinis, smoking, being outside, small places, her albino cat Flake, smoke, fire, weed, making out.
Dislikes: people who complain too much, peanut butter, eating too much, not being able to go outside, sleeping, not being able to make her own choices, thinking too much.
- A smoker, poker player and soccer player. her best friend is her cat. Loves Nintendo, Marlboros and Tumblr. Parties a lot. 

top 3: callie, anastasia, aria

In many ways, my house represented a lot of who I am. It was awkwardly located between Duck and Nagshead. I guess I felt the same way: I was somewhere in between being a se/x loving party addict and a well rounded soccer player. I was constantly unsettled by the thought that I didn't know who I was. A piece was missing, and something wasn't right. I was 21 and I hadn't accomplished too much. I worked at the Dolphin and Turtle Reserve, while getting my degree in Phycology at university with a minor in zoology an hour away. 
I came to the logical and rational conclusion that I could face this problem by getting wasted with a hot guy. Unfortunately, that hot guy was my professor. I mean, don't get me wrong, Professor John Kellen was a total catch. He was smart, witty, and really knew how to teach. He was young, about 29, almost 30. He had gotten his Masters degree in zoology and worked as marine biologist, testing water samples and analyzing underwater plat life and animals, etc. 
I just remember running into him at a bar, and the rest was just a blur. Except for the great se/x, that would imprint my mind for a while.
We were cuddling after, and I told him about my issue of accomplishing nothing and being lost. He scoffed and looked the other way.
"Look who you're sleeping with. Think you havent accomplished anything? I'm 29 and I live in Kitty Hawk by myself. I'm single, I have no wife, no future planned." he sighed.
"That's not bad." I shrugged as I moved closer to him.
"You'll learn kid." John said patting my head.
"Stop patronizing me." I giggled.
We kind of sat there awkwardly.
"So, do I still call you Mr. Kellen?"
"Mr Kellen in class, John in bed." he said.
"That's an indicator that this would happen again?" I asked raising an eyebrow.
"Maybe." he said.
Maybe was the Satan of all words. I hated it. "Maybe". What the hel was there to think about? Have se/x with me again or don't have se/x with me again. What even was there to think about? 
"Maybe" I mimicked him in an high pitched voice.
He playfully poked me on the cheek.
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