dear justin, 

i love you so much. words cannot describe how much i love you. becoming a belieber is a decision i'll never regret. it's been an amazing ride & i love getting to know you and falling in love with you. but i don't want to marry you or date you, i want to be your best friend. how amazing would that be?

but i know i'm dreaming when i say that. it's not happening. & i get it, you're a busy guy. you've got millions of girls dreaming for you to be theirs. and i'm just another girl to you. i'm just a fan that you appreciate & that kills me. i don't want to just meet you, i want to be able to uphold a conversation with you & you love that conversation so much, you don't want to stop talking to me. i want to get to know you more than anything. i know that's not happening, but i'm never giving up on my dream of knowing you. for now, i'll stick with my dream of going to your concert & meeting you. 

&& you know what sucks about my dream of going to your concert & meeting you. the fact that my father does not like you. he would never buy me tickets to come see you or travel a couple of hours to even have the chance of running into you. & it makes it ten times harder and my dream a dream. my dad thinks being obsessed with celebrities is a waste of time and demeaning to a person's reputation. i don't though. i think it builds character & inspires to follow your dreams. 

not everybody gets it easy though. some people are extremely lucky. they get to meet you, see you in concert. & you even remember their face. i know you meet a millions of fans and its kinda impossible to remember them all, but there's always that one fan that stops your heart, that one fan that you can't ever forget whether its because they are just drop dead gorgeous or they did something, gave you something that you couldn't forget. those fans are the luckiest. some fans actually deserve to meet you. some fans actually deserve the follow on twitter. then there are some ' fans ' that'll tweet you once or twice & they get lucky with a retweet and / or follow. & it really makes me mad and crushes my dreams even more when i see that. 

its heart breaking to think you're never gonna meet your favorite artist, your inspiration, role model. whatever you wanna call them. but to me, you're more than all of that. you're the reason i never give up on anything, you're the reason i give the underdog the chance, and in some cases i am the underdog & you were once the underdog and look at you now. it just makes me believe that one day i overcome anything, be the one who comes out on the top. it takes hard work and dedication to do what you've been dreaming of and i learned that from watching never say never. 

becoming a belieber is something i'll never regret. when i say i will be a belieber till i die, i mean it. i'm not going to leave you because a new artist, band or actor has caught my eye. oh he's cute, but justin bieber is better -- that's what always comes to mind. before i became a belieber, taylor swift was the only artist i loved & would admit. after becoming a belieber, it realized it's okay to believe in someone you've never met before.

december of ' 09 is when i first saw your music video -- one time. & the song, obviously. and i didn't think of you as much. i knew you had talent. and i couldn't help but listen to the song, over and over again. but i wasn't a fan quite yet. as your fame grew, people began forming their opinion of you whether it was good or bad. & they began pulling the people on the fence about you towards them. in my case, my dad. i grew up with the idea of all celebrities are horrible people, drugs, alcohol and all that other stuff. so i automatically wasn't a fan. that same month, i found taylor swift while at a friend's birthday party. i love her music instantly. & i was a fan in seconds. that's when i realized that not all celebrities are horrible people. taylor swift was the opposite actually. 

but i didn't see that for you. i saw it eventually. i was surrounded by people who were in love with you & the more i knew about you, the more things you did for your fans, i couldn't help but lose the hatred i had for you. it wasn't long till i was a belieber. 

it was became of the song never say never that i was officially hooked. & honestly, i always secretly loved listening to your music but i would never ever admit it. it wasn't until the summer of '11 i admit being a belieber. and it wasn't long before i was a hardcore belieber. 

and i'm never going back. 
i love you & you have no idea i even exist but you've changed my life. completely and you won't even realize that you've done that unless i tell. & in order to tell you, i must meet you. 
someday though. someday i'll meet you, whether i'm sixteen or sixty. i'll always be a belieber. and i hope you know that.


 - - ♥

i know its long, but seriously this letter means the world to me. i'll get it to justin bieber one day. he'll read it and become my best friend, for sure. haha

aw, here's the first letter i wrote justin.
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