Harriet was so scared,no she was frightened, She was happy at the same time. She knelt down at Alex's feet so confused. 
Alex lifted up her top and saw a heart tattoo all aura angels are marked with. Each angels heart is colour of there aura. The tattoos have spiky wing shape decorating the edge of heart. 
"I love you Harriet and I am sorry for everything.We will make the best of it all and you're marked now so you're forever an aura angel." As Alex spoke her eyes turned violet and he put a heat necklace around her neck.
"I love you too, since first time I saw you and I'm frighted." Harriet said kissing Alex's neck.
"I've been an aura angel all my life, you are safe with me" Alex said stroking her head to calm Harriet.
Alex took his coat off and used it as a pick nick rug.He and Harriet sad down hugging each other. Alex's wings outstretched around Harriet all golden and slightly green on tips.
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