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Paul McCartney- Scared
New deluxe edition
Ze hidden song cx
Still LOVING this new album. It's fabulous. 

Hey ya'll! I'm back!! 
I was at my dad's house, visiting with my brother for another weekend before our holiday is over and we both go back to school. He's in Uni, so I rarely see him anymore. They just grow up so fast c,: haha.

Anyway, the roads are horrid here! I won't have school until Wednesday according to the weather predictions. It's sure that tomorrow is canceled. 
I'm sad because it would have been my first day playing bass clarinet, but yet relieved because it gives the mailman extra days to deliver my Beatles lunchbox cx 

I hope you're all having a safe winter! c: I'll be staying indoors for most of mine, it seems like. 
Comment below how the weather is where you are! I'd love to see how different everyone is!!!

Comment "Queenie Eye" to join my taglist.
Comment "OH MY MCCARTNEY AMBER!" for a special tag c; 

The lovely purple-pickle-eaters (my special tags):
@miss-fashion-is-great you're lovely! I like talking to you, and you make spectacular icons. 
@abbi-payne-a-true-directioner directioners unite!! Lol, we should talk sometime c:
@allthingsbeautiful65 whenever I see your username I think of the Owl City album "All Things Bright and Beautiful" are you a fan? I am! 
@boy4fashion the only boy I know who loves fashion! Lol, you're cool. 
@the-infinite-dreamer we should talk more! Keep dreaming c; "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."
@diamonds-dia I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW FRACKING AMAZING I THINK JOSH RAMSAY IS. that is all cx I know all Marianas Trench fans are FRACKING amazing too. 
@fashiondiva351 your icon is sexy c; I love Ross. R5 is a really good band! I love their originality :3 
@brook-liam-payne-lover I love Liam Payne too! But don't worry, I'm a Harry Styles girl! cx 
@ohioruth we should talk sometime! I'd like to know you c:
@aubrey-renner thanks so much for being such a sweetheart all the time! You rock! c:
@xoxo-may one of the bestest tip/icon girls I know! c:
@riley-e31d I hope all your magical dreams & wishes come true! c; hehe, wonder where I got that from?
@langanla your sets are so cute!! Haha, if you have a taglist, I need to be on that! 
@onesirectiongirl One Direction forever!! I like your little imagines c: 
@flannerypaige I love your sets! You're a great tip girl c: and you can make beautiful icons! That is Polyvore talent, right there c;
@icons-onedirection-outfits you're very nice and make great sets! Haha, where do I get one of those Megan-made backgrounds? c;
@taylor-jane-23 You're simply perfect, sweetie. You make amazing sets & you're one of the nicest people on Polyvore I know!!

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