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{the girl}
Kennedy is that girl who could pass as one of those affluent New Englanders or as a passionate Boston babe, depending on the day. She grew up in Nantucket and spent her entire life on the island with her friends and family. It was a no-brainer that Kennedy would end up moving to Boston, the city that she loved so much. She is currently finishing up her last year of pre-med at MCP and is getting ready to move across the street to Harvard Medical in the fall to finish up medical school. She's pretty down-to-earth and always smiling, but she has a sailor's mouth when she gets into arguments. She studies hard during the week and parties even harder on the weekends and expensive things are her kryptonite, even though she detests people who are 'very very rich'. And yes, Kennedy is a hardcore Sox fan. 

- - - -

{the family}
The ÓConnor's are the typical Irish family that at first seem a bit out of place in the little island of Nantucket, but you'll soon realize how well they blend right in, accent or not.

Cianán ÓConnor, 52
Nantucket, MA / originally from Dublin, Ireland
(Pierce Brosnan)
Cianán is Kennedy's father, with a thick Irish accent and an affinity for a good Guinness. He owns and operates his own deep-sea fishing boats in Nantucket and is also the manager of the local marina. Cianán always has a joke ready and can't help but laugh loudly.

Fiona ÓConnor, 49
Nantucket, MA
(Nicole Kidman)
Fiona is Kennedy's fiery, red-headed mother who is perhaps one of the most involved women on the island. She manages the garden club and volunteers with the animal shelter and participates in the book clubs and is chairperson of the local debutante society. And not to mention, Fiona is also a boutique owner in downtown 'Sconset, Nantucket. She's bubbly and very energetic.

Rian ÓConnor, 25
Nantucket, MA
(Jude Law)
Rian is Kennedy's older brother who currently lives in Connecticut. He works with a firm that does business consulting. Rian is very driven yet loves cracking inappropriate jokes like his father.

Declan ÓConnor, 18
Nantucket, MA
(Josh Hutcherson)
Declan is Kennedy's younger twin brother. He is currently in his last year of high school at Nantucket High. He is the practical jokester who could practically get away with murder.

Eva ÓConnor, 18
Nantucket, MA
(Saoirse Ronan)
Eva is Kennedy's little twin sister who she is the closest with. Eva is much like Kennedy, as in she's very quiet and polite, but Eva has a knack for partying. After all, when you're stuck on an island for most of your life, there isn't much else to do.

- - - - 

{the home}
Kennedy has moved all over Boston over the last four years that she's lived there. She's lived in the Fenway area, the North End, and Symphony but now has taken up residence in the luxurious Back Bay area of Boston. Her apartment is located right off of Arlington and overlooks the Boston Gardens, Storrow Drive & the Esplanade, and the Charles River. It's a beautiful brownstone located on the top floor of a townhouse-style apartment.

- - - -

{the boys}

Landon McMahon, 23
Southie & Charlestown, MA 
Bunker Hill Community College
(Colin O'Donoghue)
Landon is that rebellious and oh-so-dangerous Southie boy with an accent to match (y'know, 'pahk the cah at hahvad yahd?') He, like Kennedy, is very proud of his Irish roots, but unlike Kennedy, Landon has had his fair share of run-ins with the law. Let's just say he's been involved in a few organized crime mobs a la Whitey Bulger and the FBI may or may not definitely be looking for him for previous bank robberies. But don't let that deter you, Landon is actually a sweet, typical Southie boy currently living in Charlestown.

Peyton Price, 24
Back Bay / originally from London, England
Northeastern University
(Tom Hiddleston)
Peyton is Kennedy's house-mate and shares her luxurious Back Bay apartment with her. He's a grad student at Northeastern University with a major in Old English Literature. Speaking of Old English, Peyton also happens to hail from London. He, like Kennedy, comes from an affluent family in an affluent area.

August Vaughn, 23
Back Bay / originally from `Sconset, Nantucket, MA
Northeastern University / Harvard Medical School
(Ian Somerhalder)
August is Kennedy's other house-mate, who she's had a thing for in the past. August has that womanizer streak in him, and never passes up the chance to flirt his way into a woman's heart. Kennedy and August banter quite frequently, and have hooked up on occasion, but their relationship isn't exactly going anywhere. August recently graduated from Northeastern University and is now in his second year of medical school at Harvard Med.

- - - -

{the life}
Kennedy is finishing up her last year of pre-med at MCP before she heads off across the street to Harvard Medical. Her life revolves around studying for her exams and the MCATs and participating in outdoor activities like rowing, lacrosse, soccer, and figure skating. And of course, on the weekends, Kennedy can be found at the Black Rose Irish pub, cheering on her beloved Red Sox (or Bruins, Pats, or Celtics, depending on the season). One thing that everyone knows is to never say anything bad about her Boston sports. Because most likely she will swear you under the table with that sharp tongue of hers...all while smiling politely and flaunting that polite, New England prep attitude.

**Aha, so Landon may totally definitely be based on Ben Affleck's character Doug MacRay from 'The Town', just sayin` ;D
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