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yo, hii!
so i'm starting a new set description format because i noticed people are doing the same thing and i wanna be different. i don't know if you noticed, but i switched the dates with my social media so now the stuff are at the top and the date and song title are at the bottom. my greeting will be "yo, hi!" from now on so just letting you peaches know.

that top left part is inspired by this set goo.gl/yNtTj7 of @feels-like-snow-in-september
do you wanna collab with me? if so, answer this in the comments
my account, yours or both -
what kind of set -
tag a peach -
i'vee been really wanting to collab with people especially on my account soo yehhh hehe :)
some girl copied my old taglist and then there's another girl who made a taglist similar to my new one, i wanna name their users but i just think it will create drama. but it pisses me off when the set is similar to yours and they take all the credit for it. i'm so bummed of people just copying without even giving credit or even copying itself, the people on this site lacks so much originality remember that we are here to express our own creativity smh.
on a lighter note, i taught my dog snow how to 'give me your paw' she's the eldest but she just learned that now, my two other dogs learned it already before she did hah. i didn't teach them the word 'shake' or 'high five' because when you tell a dog to shake, they're not actually shaking your paw they're just placing their paw on your hand and for high five, well dogs (atleast mine) can't put their paw high so it's not included a high five. and this is why i thought of give me your paw! it's quite long but more accurate, i'd say.

oh and @adal1ne just posted this goo.gl/4faouX nvnbg team flower has one open slot so go audition now and post a set before round 1 ends!!
i havee a question, if you made a set in a different account and got top set, is that considered yours and should i add it in 'my tops sets' collection?
the song in part 19 of my taglist is 'you love i' by melanie martinez, it hasn't been released yet but i needed a lyrics haha. that's all i have to say for today, i have lots of tags to do so i will in the future!
-- comment what color scheme you like best if you read all this, mkay bye bye xx



milk and cookies - melanie martinez
published -- O6.25.16 • O8:1O PM
@polyvore @polyvore-editorial
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