Vivianne; First Day of Work

I rushed out of my apartment bare footed with my shoes swinging from my hand. Sliding into the elevator I leant against the wall to slip the heels onto my feet. This whole fashion dressing was harder than I’d thought. Instead of the blazer and pencil skirt’s I had been wearing to work for most of my life I had to dress, well like I worked at a fashion boutique. It was not easy, but hopefully I’d got it alright, first impression counted.

Rushing out of the door, I cursed, yet again, the little mascara accident that had occurred and caused my lateness, why hadn’t I been doing this all my life? It would have been so much easier. Hailing a taxi I caught a glimpse of a seemingly familiar head off to the side. Turning my head quickly I looked around, searching for a sign that I wasn’t going crazy.

“You getting in love?” the driver asked through the open window and I realised that I had been standing next to the taxi for a couple of minutes.
“Yea.” I said quietly, sliding in
“Where to love?” he asked
“La Boutique de Minuit.” I said, suddenly confident. Time for the first day of work.

xo Vivianne

Maybe more later but highly unlikely, still testing the water with who to use/ have Vivianne interact with and such. eep this is gonna be FUN 

off to watch tv some more sets later, i've been of school with a horrid migraine and looking at the scree to long hurts my eyes D:
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