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lauren lakeman
april 5 | sixteen
hometown: wilmington
here’s the perfect example of why you should never judge a book by its cover: a quiet, unassuming blonde with decent grades and a good relationship with her parents may just be the most infamous free spirit at school. lauren would much rather do her own thing than fit in with everyone else, which has naturally earned her a few enemies, but a lot of admiration too. she’s friendly, but hard to get to know. popular, but refuses to be inauthentic. and she always, always falls for the bad boy.
known as: the wild child
model: josephine skriver

things about lauren:

* her family isn't really that well off. her dad is a geography teacher in wilmington and her mother is a receptionist. papa lakeman gives a lot of money to his addict brother.
* lauren is quiet and occasionally shy, but not so much when it comes to the opposite sex. she has a bit of a reputation but in a weird way is also respected.
* she works at jeffrey's a few times a week and rides or skateboards everywhere. 
* the beach is her second home, you'll find her there every weekend until the middle of winter.
* she does well at school, but has no idea what she wants to do with her life. 
* lauren's best friend is her neighbour, javy (javier). they basically grew up in each other's houses. javy is a huge heartbreaker, but most of all, he breaks his mother's heart with his godawful grades.
* javy and lauren are closer than siblings, they spend most of their time together and he's very protective of her.
* from feb-march, lauren was hooking up with mat, a high-school dropout/mechanic/very bad influence. they broke up, started up again in summer, and now aren't talking again. he lives in a rundown apartment near the beach and is notorious for being big trouble. 
* abi is her best female friend, and the more outgoing version of lauren. they also hang out with justin (who lauren had a major crush on/kissed) and his girlfriend taylor, who is an idiot.
* lauren's parents know about her reputation but they aren't too bothered by it, they trust that she's mostly sensible and a free spirit.

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