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um... okay. 
so i know that girl made a set about me. again.
and i'm probably gonna end up deleting all of this set info later anyways. 
okay, so what are you trying to say?
that i'm copying your style? 
i changed my style. 
and lol, you're saying that i stalked your tumblr that gave me the idea to dye my hair?
ASDFKJHSDFLKAKDSHFHDJSK PLEASE; i have NEVER even looked at your tumblr.
and now you're calling me a fake for having a style transformation?
it was just what i wanted to do. it's my own choice. it's because my music style changed and i thought that my fashion should change, too.
so what do you want? what are you trying to say? 
i changed my style, i thought this would be over by now. 
okay, so byeee.
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