I'm sorry about all the collections.

The earlier ones were because I was lazy and this one is because my computer wasn't loading half of the stuff and I had something I wanted to get off my mind.
Well I have this friend and she seems all tiny and harmless but she kinda makes me feel bad all the time. She'll make me feel bad about things that she shouldn't make me feel bad about.
I can't really do anything about it because everyone ends up taking her side because she's tiny and innocent looking and stuff.
But today she told me that when I'm not at the table in this one class they all (the people at the table her included) talk about me.
She makes me feel bad about stupid stuff she shouldn't.
She always kinda makes fun of me like I give awkward hugs and I don't know why but that really bothers me. What am I supposed to do about it, I'm sorry I'm so ticklish.
Sorry that just was really bothering me.
I'm just so done with everything.

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