MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!!!!! My favourite k-pop groups are 2ne1, BigBang, B2ST and BAP. And three of them (2ne1, B2st and BAP) are having their comebacks almost at the same time! :O WHY!? WHY!? WHY!? My heart is going to expolde aswell >.<

Anyways! I love sosososo much B2ST's new song " I'm Sorry". I love how Hyunseung says "I'm sorry", his accent for the letter "r" is really cute :3

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1)Etude house or Missha ? Etude House
2) Rabbit or Panda ? Panda
3) sweet or chawing-gum ? Sweets
4) Black or White ? Black for clothes, White as a colour
5) what is you're favourite country ? Korea ^^
6) the group that inspires you to wear? 2ne1 and 4minute
7) hot colors or cold colors ? Cold ones in winter, hot ones in summer
8) you're favourite number ? 4, 11, 21
9) How have you known poly? Thanks to another webpage
10) You're favourite Kpop (or other) picture/maccro/gif
11) You're favoutite cute (or not) caracter ? hmmm I don't know

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Submit sets inspired by you and your bias on a date. It can be a friend date too! 
-Write a description of how you would spend your date. 
-Be sure to tag at least three people. 
-Enter contest here:

Ahhhhh so I picked Lee Kikwang! ^^ And we would go by a convertible car to a remote beach and we would spend the morning swimming, sunbathing, walking on the sand and eating some fruit. Then we would take the car and go to the nearest town/city and go shopping and have some icecreams. At the evening we would go to a cool restaurant :)
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@valentine-bk thaaaaaaaaaaanks

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So good. I love!



Anime, Manga and Comics Dreamcast Challenge

Anime, Manga and Comics Dreamcast Challenge

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Korean Guys

Korean Guys

130 sets from 50 members. Ended three years ago.
Korean guys are so adorable. I want to see your best 3 korean guy sets.
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