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for the Kiss and Make up Contest I'm gonna write a litting story inspired from true events in my life. :)

We barely ever fight, but why today and why all of a sudden? How did it start? Why did it start? What was it even about? 

I don't even remember. I stood up and looked at the mirror. My face was red from the tears. I washed my face with cool water and opened the door...ready to apologize, even if he started it because I don't remember.

As the door clicked open, I looked up and into the living room. The television was off, the room was silent. 

"Ethan?" I asked, quietly into the still air that always seems to linger after a big fight. 
"Ethan? Are you there?"

I stepped out into the sunset light that flowed through from the kitchen window. I looked around. Our small apartment had barely any rooms. He wasn't in the bedroom. I sighed and sat on the bed and put my head in my hands. Where could he be?

I tried not to let the tears out of my eyes, but picked up my cell phone and dialed speed dial one. It rang until voicemail. 

"Ethan. It's me. Where are you? Come home? I don't even know what happened and I'm so sorry. Please? I love you." The last few words were chocked with tears. 

I wiped my eyes. I stood up and grabbed my jacket and put my feet into the first shoes...his. I locked the door and headed down the stairs. I turned right and walked down the block. I crossed Broadway and headed south. I knew where he would be. 

I walked a few more blocks until I came to Lincoln Center. I hesitated. I looked towards the fountain and there was the world's most beautiful redheaded boy. I looked at him until he looked up. As he did, I walked forward. 

I sat down on the stone edge of the fountain next to him. I said, "I don't even know what we were fighting about."

"Same here. I'm sorry."

"I'm sorry. I love you."

"I love you more." 

I leaned my head on his shoulder and didn't bother to tell him I love him more than he'll ever know and that he could not possibly love me more. I just smiled. We sat like that until the orange sunlight turned to gray. I stood up and moved infront of him and leaned into his body, hugging him. 

I pulled away and looked at him. "Ally, you look like shit but you've never been more beautiful." I gave him a questioning look. "Your mascara stuff is all over your face and everything. But you know what?"


"All I want to do right now is take you home and prove my love to you. I don't want to stay here any longer." 

I smiled and kissed him lightly. He kissed me back fiercely, pressing me into his chest. "Can we leave now?" 

We laughed and we ran home. As horrible as it is to fight, it is worth it so much more to make up.
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