I was tagged by the lovely Nicya to list 15 random facts about myself in this spectacular set:
Now I tag: Lindsay, Mar, Bri, Alice and Zoe ;)

1. I love chai tea or chai latte because I hate coffee. The coffeeest thing I drink is latte macchiato. 

2.I'd love to go to Paris. I want this so, so bad!

3. I'm obsessed with books and I read everything I can get. Even the difficult ones like Tolstoj and Shakespeare ;)

4. My top 3 of sons at the moment:
Like it's her birthday - Good Charlotte
Good girls go bad - Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester
Omg - Usher

5.I love to dance though I don't think that I'm a really good dancer ;)

6. The last movie I watched was Harry Potter 7/1

7. I'm in love with Converse ... and other shoes...

8. ... and bags.

9. I own a sequined dress like Serena wears in the first season when she dates Dan. It's from Zara. There was a gold one and a black one and I took the black one. Normally, it'd have cost 50 euros, but I got it for 15 euros.

10. My favorite subjects are history, german, english and french.

11. I'd love to get a dog ;)

12. Normally, I don't cry while reading. But once I nearly did. It was when I read "My sister's keeper". Such a sad story :(

13. One of the walls in my room is light purple.

14. I'm in love with Monsoon Accesorize.

15. I wanna find my true, big love.
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