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I am so tired, it's ridiculous, as evident by my language.

Thursday January 6th: Every month Pioneer Square has an Art Walk on the first Thursday. Since a lot of girls are interested in art, let’s head down there.

“Did you know there was an art walk going on today downtown?” I asked Maxine as I lounged on my bed, enjoying an afternoon free of classes.
“Is there?”
“Yes. I was thinking about going. Did you want to come with?”
Maxine sighed. “I dunno. I’ve got all this to do…”
“It’ll be a nice walk.”
“I really do have work to do for tomorrow.”
“I’ll buy you some hot chocolate,” I replied in a sing-songy voice.
“Well if that’s the case,” Maxine smiled, “consider me sold!”

Half an hour later, Maxine and I were strolling around downtown, cradling hot chocolate in our hands and peering at all the art displayed along the sidewalk, hung on fences, boards, and other objects around the street. It was quite fun looking at everything, even thought I tried my hardest not to over analyze all the pieces, as I was inclined to do. We stopped to discuss one piece which featured a man floating in the middle of an open sky, wearing nothing but a cloud.
“I’m at a loss,” Maxine said after a few minutes. “I have no idea what that’s even suppose to mean.”
“A loss of self-identity?” I replied, smirking, but looking to make sure the artist himself was no where near us. 
“A loss of his clothes, more like it,” she snorted.
“Yes, but the overall aesthetic is very pleasing, you have to admit,” came a voice from behind us. Maxine and I turned around to see a girl smiling as she looked at the same painting.
“The colours do go well together,” I replied. I looked at her. “Have we met before?”
“Not likely,” she smiled. “I’m a first year.”
“Oh, I see.”
“I’m Abbey,” she said pleasantly, still smiling. “I rather enjoy local art, don’t you? It always has such a different feel to it.”
“Does it?” Maxine asked.
“I’ve always found so,” I replied. “Raine.” Abbey looked up in the sky.
“I don’t think it is.” I laughed.
“Oh, no no!”
“It’s her name, love,” Maxine told her. The girl smiled nervously.
“Sorry! I didn’t realize!”
“Oh, it’s quite all right.”
“So, what are you two taking here? Have you decided on a major?”
“Anthropology,” Maxine replied, beaming.
“It’s because she loves people watching,” I winked at Abbey. Maxine gave me a sharp nudge in the ribs. “I’m doing an art history major, myself.”
“Oh, how exciting! I’m doing art myself, well, 3D design.”
“It’s art nonetheless, isn’t though?” Maxine asked.
“Oh yes. It’s very interesting as well!”
Maxine and I chatted with Abbey, who seemed very passionate about her work, including the welding she apparently did for some of her pieces.
“I’d love to see some of your work some time,” I told her just before we started to drift away.
“Would you?”
“Me too,” Maxine added. “And she,” she jerked her thumb at me, “promises not to analyze whatever you show us.” I laughed good-naturedly and patted Maxxie on the arm.
“We must be off, but I expect I’ll probably see you around, I’m in your neck of the woods all the time!”

(I apologize to you, kaityntea, I don't think I wrote Abbey very well!)
Friday January 7th: We are heading downtown to celebrate Jackie's birthday! First stop, Dahlia Lounge for dinner and then The Local Vine for partying. It is going to be a fun night. Make sure to bring the birthday girl a gift! 

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