Seven Nation Army // The White Stripes

Tom Hiddleston as The Twelfth Doctor
Benedict Cumberbatch as The Master
Kaya Scoderlario as The Companion 

(@the-insane-tekaa-brooke I did it! What am I doing with my life...)

The Doctor circled the other Timelord, a long finger tapping his chin like he always did when he was deep in thought. This couldn’t be The Mater. He died in The Doctor’s arms. He couldn’t have come back, not this time. The memory flooded his mind, he with a different face pulling the other into his arms holding him close begging him to regenerate. 
“Doctor?” the quiet voice brought The Doctor back from his thoughts and he turned to face his companion. “Who is he?” she asked her eyes flickering to the other man. 
“He is an old friend of mine,” The Doctor said and he turned to face The Master once more. “And by friend…”
“He means the only other Timelord,” The master answered with a sly grin. “I’m the only one that truly understands The Doctor.” 
“I thought you were the only one?” said the companion to the doctor. 
“I thought I was the only one,” The Doctor muttered.
The Master grinned proudly “I’m back.” 
*Theme music*
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