guns for hands \\ twenty one pilots ♡

twenty one pilots are the my favorite band atm woo
- - -
my friend invited me to go to the mall so we could do some Christmas shopping since we have a Secret Santa thing this Sunday.
we were there like five minutes before she decided to invite her "friend that used to be her ex boyfriend but then they weren't and now they are again but won't officially say it" to join us.
for three hours they made me the really pathetic third wheel while they did their "not a couple but actually a couple" flirting.
ugh I hate being the third wheel with an intense passion.

- - -

someone needs to take the Internet or maybe my money away from me
online shopping is so addicting I am so mad
what possessed me to order a gnome?

- - -

ha ha ha don't have crushes they'll destroy your soul

- - -

this text is really starting to piss me off
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