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Holly Alexander; November 2

“Holly get your ass out of bed missy.” I was so rudely awoken by the curtains being flung open and a big, awful body then flinging themselves onto my bed, just in case the curtains hadn’t worked.

“Go away Carson,” I muttered, burying my head deeper into the pillow, “I worked really late last night.” I added, trying to make him feel sympathy. I mean he was a heartless bastard so I doubted it would work but I could try.

“And it’s now midday. So you have to get out of bed.” He started poking me in the leg. Dick.

“Why?” I whined with a pout even though the pillow hid my expression from him, “I thought the whole point of having a room to myself was that I could sleep in as late as I wanted and be as messy as I want.” Except I was sort of waking up now so I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep even if he decided to leave me alone. He wouldn’t.

He didn’t, “The new guy is moving in today.” He singsonged, causing me to sit up with interest. His expression was annoyingly smug.

“Really? What’s he like? Is he hot?” I questioned, defiantly and completely fully awake now.

“I haven’t met him.” He shrugged, “I just know his name is Markus Ryan,”

“That’s all you know?” I cocked an eyebrow in disbelief. Carson knew everything that went on round here even when he wasn’t living here. Suzanne was like his BFF I bet they had gossip sessions and went for coffee every week and everything.

“It’s true,” He shrugged helplessly as I finally got myself out of bed to get dressed, “Suzanne refuses to tell me anything.”

“Oh,” I said, turning around from my wardrobe to face Carson, “Does that mean he’s one of those?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” He shrugged which was annoying because like I was asking what he thought not what he knew, “It seems most likely but don’t jump to conclusions Holly.” He warned like he hadn’t done it himself.

‘One of those’ were of course the kids running from addictions or abuse. We’d had a fair few in the couple of years I’d been here but they very rarely lasted very long. They always looked so sad and traumatised and we could do nothing for them. I hated that.

“I never jump to conclusions darling.” I told him as I shrugged out of my pyjamas, “You’re confusing me with you.”

“I would never do that.” He said dryly as I quickly grabbed random (but totally matching because even instinctively my fashion sense was amazing) clothes and proceeded to get dressed.

“You’re right.” I nodded, back to Carson as I pulled my shirt on, “I’m much hotter than you.”

“Whatever you say doll.” I could practically hear him rolling his eyes.

I had just shrugged into my blazer because it was actually kinda chilly today when the doorbell rang, exchanging a look with Carson we both raced down the stairs to answer the door since I’m pretty sure we were the only ones currently not out.

“Hi there.” I pulled the door open with a sunny grin. And damn he was a cutie. A super cutie. Tyler might just have lost his title as most attractive guy in the house (though not really because Tyler’s eyes were magical), 

“I’m Carson, this is Holly.” Carson took over the introduction, “And you’re Markus I assume?” He said because like duh the suitcases didn’t give it away or anything.

“That’s me,” He smiled and damn what a charming smile, “Pleasure to meet you.” He stuck his hand out to shake Carson’s hand then mine. Except you know we were all friends here so I pulled him in to kiss his cheek.

“Pleasure to meet you as well,” I smiled back with an eyelash flutter for good luck, “Come on in.” I shoved Carson out of the way with my elbow to open the door wider.

“He is a total hottie.” I whispered to Carson as he walked past us and deposited the bags in the hallway (because we decide we’d let Nolan do the honours of showing him the room since it was his room as well and all) “I win.”


It was almost midnight when everyone finally made their way off to bed after fawning over Markus all day. Some people made better impressions than others if I do say so and I wouldn’t be surprised if he stayed away from Zara forever after her little snit. Probably better for his mental health or something anyway.

So everyone was in bed and I was not because I had the night off tonight because of our new guest and I couldn’t sleep because my body clock was perfectly timed and I was not throwing it out because next Friday night I did have work and like I was not falling asleep on my shift not at all.

So I wandered up to the attic with my laptop because the couches there were super comfy. Except oh new guy Markus was already there.

“Hi,” I greeted cheerfully but also quietly because maybe he wanted quiet.

“Hi there Holly.” He smiled at me and yep it was still as charming the fifth time.

“What are you thinking about?” I asked coming to sit next to him on the window even though there were like hundreds of other seats in here. To be fair the window seat was what everyone always fought over anyway.


“Oh you’re smooth really,” I knocked my shoulder into his playfully, “I might drop my panties if you keep going like that.”

“Just wired you know.” He shrugged, “Used to being a night owl.”

“Oh I know that feeling,” I nodded in mutual understanding and everything like yea, “I work at a club on the weekends. Used to being up late.” I expanded at his questioning look.

“I’ll have to come visit you one night.” He leant forwards, “Which one.”


“How Fancy.” He mocked. How could mocking be flirty? The damn bastard managed it.

“Be nice and I might give you free drinks or something.” I pulled my legs up to my chest, wrapping my wrists loosely around my ankles. 

“Oh Holly you lovely creature I will defiantly come and visit you one day.” He said fluttering eyelashes and everything. He really reminded me of someone so I felt comfortable with him. Couldn’t decide who though.

“That’s better.” I nodded firmly, “So Markus tell me something about yourself.” I said trying to fill the silence.

“Well for one thing I hate the name Markus.” He laughed which was weird who hated their name? Markus wasn’t even that weird. Not like Carson or something,

“What do you want to be called then?” I asked curiously resting my cheek on knees.

“I usually go by Ryan.” He shrugged. Ahh the whole go by the surname thing. Classy and mysterious. I liked it.

“So why were you introducing yourself as Markus then?” I cocked an eyebrow because hello first time you introduced yourself was the name that usually stuck.

“Because people were calling me that and I didn’t want to be confusing.”

“Considerate one you are.’ I rolled my eyes, “Well, we’ll see what we can do to getting you referred to as Ryan then. It suits you better anyway.”

“Oh yeah?” His turn to co.ck his eyebrow.

“Yeah, much more sexy and mysterious. Well more so than Markus anyway.” I laughed, mindful of Emily and Niki’s room up here.

“You think I’m sexy and mysterious?” He practically purred leaning in further.

“Don’t pretend like you don’t know.” I rolled my eyes. He was charming and hot and I didn’t want to sleep with him. Weird. Well I wouldn’t turn him down but I wasn’t into actively pursuing him. SUper weird.

“I know I’m sexy, you know you’re sexy we’re quite a pair.” He said.

“That’s not going to get you in my pants mr.” I laughed again resting my head against his shoulder for a second.

“Wasn’t dreaming of it.” He said not at all reacting to the physical contact. Super duper weird. This guy was weird and ugh no over analysis. “Rather would you be my partner in crime.’

“Partner in crime?” I sat up so I could look at him, matching his cheeky grin with one of my own, “That I think I could do.”

[This story ended up nothing like I was planning but I don't hate it. Which is good I guess]
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