Name: Rory Dolan
Age: 18
Weapon of choice: Apple Macbook Pro
Character Model: Niall Horan
Rory grew up in the town of Ballymahon in County Longford in Ireland until the age of 15 when his dad's job had them all move to Scranton, Pennsylvania. He enrolled in Scranton High School and immediately excelled in Calculus and Computer Science and was placed into the AP classes for both subjects. Rory wasn't friends with many people at the school, he hung out with the other computer nerds sometimes and talked programming with them but mostly he liked to keep to himself. He was well liked by most although people thought he was a little odd. He wasn't as lucky in gym as he was in IT and Math though, completely failing in baseball, cross country, wrestling and that bullshit they called "football". Rory decided it would be best if he gave it a miss and so he skipped the lessons to spend time in the IT lab hacking into the school's file system and changing his gym attendance record to perfect. It wasn't the first time he'd hacked. He'd been doing it since he was 12. Just small things to him: hacking into amazon to "accidentally" get an x-box delivered to him or hacking the Westboro Baptist Church website going to the photo page and replacing all the images with pictures of gay porn. After the incident with the school's files though Rory decided it was time to get more adventurous. Just to see if he could he hacked into the FBI, had a look their files and left undetected. He then tried out his skills on the official sites for Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea, posting messages of love, freedom and equality over their pages. Rory decided it was time to get some money out of his skill and so he started hiring out his expertise to those willing to pay the right price. He was hired at 17 by an organisation calling themselves "The Company". They wanted him to do a bit of digging into the private files of a drug smuggling ring and Rory was happy to help out. The jobs they gave him hurt criminals more than regular people and it matched his brand of 'Caring-crime' perfectly. So Rory decided to offer them his services full-time.
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