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1 - Introduction set

Name: Sapphira Castillo

Godly parent: Hades

- Geokinesis(ability to manipulate the earth,like causing earthquakes, volcaninc eruptions, rock slides,controlling precious metals or gems,etc)
- Necromancy(ability to control the bodies and spirits of the dead)
- She is able to Shadow Travel and to become invisible in the dark)

Weapons: a shield(in the mist,a bracelet) and a spear(turned in to a necklace)

Short bio: Sapphira lived in California with her mother,who is a lawyer, and her younger half-sister. Despite their good relatioship,she notices that her mother prefers her sister and it makes her kind of jealous. She hated her city and all the popular,annoying and artificially tanned girls who lived there and she only felt home while at her grandmother's farm house.She doesn't like talking too much and has few friends. Anyone who is not her friend,is considered an enemy until proven otherwise,unless they've already done something to her,then they can wait for revenge because she will never forget it. She loves lemon pies,candles,bonfires,biology and books.

Model: Shay Mitchell

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