I'm a Warrior

Mary is an intelligent, strong and deadly woman. her beauty is like that of winter, cold and dark but still unique and alluring. her parents, killed when she was just an infant in-front of her. She and her brother were sent to a special school where the pupils learnt the art of deception and death. Mary and her brother spent most of their life in only each others company and their intense loyalty and love of one another developed into an incestuous relationship when they we fifteen. Alexander died protecting his sister but his death broke her heart.

At the age of eighteen, Mary is now the most deadly and highly demanded assassin and spy. She lives a solitary life, believing love no longer applies to her.
But one night she meets the charismatic, Cesare. He is the only person she has ever met who hasn't been afraid of her, causing her to become curious about him.
Could it be possible that these two broken souls can heal each other?

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