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+ name;Camila Stevens
+ nickname; Cam,Cammi
+ age; 17
+ likes;lipstick,patterns,flowers,pearls,highheels,sports,Ballerina buns,
+ dislikes;moving,california,blueberrys,baseball, her "New family" 

+ personality;Don't let the blonde hair fool you Camila is very fiesty and says whats on her mind but once you break through her exterior she is a really sweet person
+ appearance; Dark blonde hair, Blue eyes, Average height She has her dad's looks 
+ style;Vintage,boho-chic, mainly in colors and patterns always with heels or cute Ballerina flats

+ family; Thomas Stevens {Dad}
Rebecca Stevens{Step-mom}
Bryan Evans {Step-brother}
Addison Stevens-Ross {Mom}
Carter Ross{Step-dad}
Jessica Ross{Step-sister}
Jack Ross{Step brother}
+ past/current relationships; She is single but has had plenty of flings in California
+ best friends;Anyone want it?
+ bio; Her parents divorced when she was young and her mom moved to California, and tried to take Cam with her but agreeded upon every summer she had to come and see her which Cam honored, and loved the warm L.A sun. But one summer that all changed both her parents were engaged and she was getting alot of new siblings and this left Cam very confused thinking that both of her parents had forgotten her basically leaving Cam to fend for herself and she has gotton stronger and definitely puts her siblings in place with her fiesty attitude. With the help of her friends who she see's as her real family she doesn't care what her mom or dad thinks, but one thing ill never change she will always be her dad's little girl even if she likes it or not

+ dating status;Single
+ model;barbara palvin 
+ taken by; @peaceloveglitter
+ story;
Up tomorrow
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