Oceana Celeste Interview
District 4
Age 18
Ally: Julietta Walker

The fresh breeze tickles the roots of my hair as the salty sea air blows around me. I close my eyes and inhale, only to open them again to look at the beauty of my district, and the crowds at my feet chanting my name.

"Please welcome, Oceana Celeste!" When motioned by the Capitol man dressed in black, I leave Jase's side and stride up onto the stage. The crowd erupts in cheers as I walk across the black floor towards Caesar's open arms. "My darling!" He greets me with a wide smile.
"Good evening Caesar," I say with a small nod of my head. He indicates for me to sit and I do so in the plush red chair just to the left of his own.
"My dear Oceana, how lovely you look tonight, doesn't she ladies and gentlemen?" Caesar asks, his eyes twinking as he laps up the woops and cheers from the audience.
"Thank you," I smile, letting a small blush colour my face. Let Caesar think it was for him, I don't care. In that second when the blood rushed to my cheeks, all that mattered was the look that Julius had given me from his seat in the audience - a look of admiration, pride... did I imagine him wink at me? Though it pained me to do so, I tore my eyes from my handsome mentor and back to the orange haired Caesar.

"So my dear," Caesar began the interview. "Tell us about life back in your district."
I let a smile creep back onto my face. "Beautiful," I grin, hoping my glance at Julius was not too obvious. "The blue sky, the sea..."
"And the people?" Caesar asks with a laugh. My heart leaps as the smile is instantly wiped from my face. Surely they haven't realised? "You, my dear!" Caesar clarifies, obviously mistaking my shock for confusion. The crowd lets out a hushed chuckle and I let my smile return. "But apart from your good self, is there anyone else special at home?"
I inhale deeply before answering. For half a second, I consider telling Caesar of my love for Julius. But I know that it is stupid. I'll have all the time in the world after the games with him. For now, half truths will have to suffice. "We are discouraged..." I begin, and then start again, careful not to mention the academies on national television. "I attend a boarding school back home, and we are educated seperately," I tell him. "The boys and the girls."
"Interesting," I says, looking out to the audience. "Though I suppose you will have plenty of time to find someone after the games!"
"That's the plan!" I say with a smile. At least about that I can tell the truth.
"So, onto your plans for the arena," Caesar says, leaning in as though to discuss something highly secret. "What strategy will you be using?"
Now the ball is back in my court. I feel comfortable with these questions. The type of questions I have spent my life planning for. "My strategy is to take the supplies that I need to survive at first, and then move to a safe place where I can assess my next step." I reel off my pre-prepared answer.
"You seem to have it all planned!" Caesar chuckles. "And I take it you will be allying with other tributes?"
"Oh yes," I tell him with a slight smile. "There is my district partner, Jase and then the tributes from two," I pause before adding "And a possibility of some other alliances with other districts." I can't help glancing back off stage to where Julietta will be waiting. Despite Linus' insistance that we ask her for a alliance, I am still unsure of where her loyalties lie. And I wont be the first to lower my defences.
But my comment only encourages Caesar "No indication of who this might be?" He asks giddily. "May we see a resurfacing of the alliances between yourselves and the two tributes from district six from last year?"
"Of course Caesar, nothing is set in stone yet," I proceed carefully. I look out to the audience and catch Julius' eyes in the crowd, assessing me with a certain look in his sea blue eyes. A look of caution. A look that says not to say anything I may regret. "But by the time I enter the arena I'm sure you will see the full force of what I, and any other allies I may go in with are capable of." I finish, skirting around the question.
"I can't wait!" Caesar exclaimed. "Now just before you go, tell us, have you any last words?" He asks me.
"Last words?" I laugh, "Caesar, I can assure you that this is not the last you will see of me. I'm already planning for our post-games interview!"
"Well, I very much look forward to it!" He grins broadly. "Ladies and gentlemen, your district four tribute, Oceana Celeste!" I stand and take a brief curtsey and shake Caesar's hand before walking back off the stage.

Walking down the steps I see Linus waiting for me in her lovely silver gown, shining in the darkness like the moon, and her partner in a matching suit. She offers me a smile, but there is barely time to talk before we turn back to the large screen in the room to watch Jase's interview. He does well, giving all the textbook answers one would expect from a career. Once he too has been cheered off, we take a moment to reflect on each other's performances before turning back to the screen just in time to see Julietta walk out of the darkness and into the flashing lights of the cameras.

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