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  • Lip Piercing Is It Really Worth It?
    Nowadays, people get crazy about body piercing. You can see it on lips, tongues, ears, navels and plenty of other parts of a human body. Lip piercing is becoming more and more popular these days. It is a type of body piercing which involves penetrating into the lip or the area surrounding the lip.
  • 15 Things We Learned From Cassie Via Her Instagram [Photos]
    3. She has A LOT of piercings–not just in her ears.
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  • He Takes You To Get A Piercing
    He Takes You To Get A Piercing Nash: Micro-dermal hip piercing. "Does getting your hips pierced hurt?" Nash asked, lifting his shirt and gripping the skin around his hip area and pinching to see if it...
  • Illustrated Guide to Navel Piercings
    A navel, or belly button piercing, passes through the rim of the navel. Although typically done just above the navel on the top ridge, belly button piercings can go anywhere around the outside of the navel wherever there is a fold or "lip". Navel...