I imagine & hope for a letter from the person here who has relentlessly stalked, taunted, mocked and copied me for years. I have tried very hard to ignore what she is doing to me almost every day but no one on Polyvore should have to face this kind of behaviour from another person.

It might go something like this:

Dear Carol:
I want to apologize to you for the hurtful things I have done aimed at you for 3 years now, ever since you created a set for me and I responded by doing a set for you that looked like yours. I realized then that the sets I had been creating were not like yours, and I really liked yours so I slowly began doing more and more of them in your style. I would go into your stash of items and save hundreds of them at a time and by morning, you would see a bunch of my sets with images and ideas you had used.

Then you would respond by saving a bunch of MY items so I would get back at you by copying your sets and ideas even more. And that's how it started. 

You tried to hurt me back by saving my items but you could never top me in that department because I have more time on my hands than you do and have time to think of all kinds of ways to seek revenge against you, even though all you ever did was respond to my aggression and copying. I know it is not really in your nature to be mean so figured I had that battle won against you too!

My recent stalking of your sets, goes all the way back 4 years where I will use an image from one of your sets and then proceed to create a collage that so closely resembles yours in theme, subject matter, style...even down to the titles....like "cowgirl couture" and "bohemian gypsy". I knew that these were your ideas and I stole them recklessly because I wanted to make you feel bad. 

Of course, I am careful not to outright item for item copy you but the general look and aesthetic that you created is present in most of my collages now. We could be rose twins.

Oh, and when you came up with the personalized magazine cover idea a few years ago (and no one else had done them) I wished it had been my idea, so what I did was just copy your idea and then claim that I had done that before (when I knew I hadn't) I had to justify to myself that your idea for the magazine covers was NOT original, even though it was.

I was so jealous of you, I couldn't think clearly that perhaps what I was doing was extremely hurtful to you and that stealing all of your ideas and adopting them as my own was just wrong, on so many levels.

I am sorry that I have incorporated all of your original ideas into my repertoire of collages so that if a stranger were to look at both of our profiles, they would think we were the same person with 2 different accounts, both with the word "rose" in our names.

I remember when you said that a few people even asked you if my profile was also yours. I was incensed at the time but now I realize how someone could think that, the way I copy you so blatantly. Of course, I would never admit that so I turned it around on you and made all of my friends think it was YOU who copied ME, even though that wasn't the way it was at all. I made them believe me.

One time, when I left Polyvore and returned a while later, I came back with a name that was so close to yours because I wanted to be you and that was the best way I could think of. That way, I could use images and words with roses and feel like I was close to the person I so admired but hated at the same time...you. You wrote to me and welcomed me back but I assumed you weren't being sincere...I know now that I was wrong about that too.

And then 5 months ago, even after I had all but stolen your name, and copied your style and ideas relentlessly, you still made me a friendship quilt. But did I accept your olive branch? No. I didn't want to believe you were a nice person because that would mean I would have to stop copying you because nice people don't do that to others. I know this now though and that you were just trying to reach out to me.

I know I falsely accused you of copying me and hacking into my computer and stealing MY ideas but you and I both knew that the original ideas came from you and that made me hate you even more. So I kept upping my revenge...doing many sets at a time with your themes, images (which I cleverly saved so that you wouldn't know I did) I knew when you saw them you would be upset and I was tickled that I could upset you so much.

I am also sorry for having my sister and husband get involved in my revenge against you, even going so far as to have him threaten to sue you (for what I don't know but we thought it would scare you away)...we mock you in our comments and I have tried my best to torment you so that you might leave Polyvore and I could continue your legacy of:

-Couture sets
-grunge sets (which aren't even me but I copied them anyway)
-roses, crowns and bows...oh my
-Farmgirl and Cowgirl themes
-titles of sets related to your business, which I used freely 
-crowns on cats and horses
...and so many more ideas.

I wanted to get rid of you so I just kept doing things that I knew would hurt you and piss you off. I especially liked to aim messages at you in the title of my sets....I knew that you would read them and be pissed off. 

I know that my actions of stalking and constant mocking of you for the last 3 years caused you to do and say things to me that weren't really who you are. I am responsible for your anger and I take full credit for illiciting that response in you. You seem to be loved by so many here on Polyvore and even though I tried my best to make you leave, I realize that what I did was wrong. Not only did it go against @polyvore rules...about stalking and doing mean things to hurt others but also in the eyes of God, whom I am supposed to believe in.

I realize that my constant taunting and mocking of you was not very Godly. I am sure he will deal with me in his own way.

So, I just want to say I am sorry for all of the things I ever did to hurt you. I know you have never copied me but I just couldn't stand that you had such good ideas so made myself believe that they were mine. I know you are just trying to have fun being creative here and I tried to ruin your fun almost on a daily basis.

Please forgive me. I won't do it again. I will go back to the kind of sets I used to do, which were pretty but not like yours at all. I won't mock you in my sets or try to hurt you ever again, that way we can both peacefully exist here, you doing your thing and me doing mine.
And you're right.....I'm not a farmgirl or cowgirl, not even close....that's really all you.

Yours truly,
You Know Who

P.S. It was all done to get your attention, Carol.
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