"Lizzie?" I heard my friend calll. She walks into the kitchen and finds me. "What have you been up to today?" he asks.
"Oh, not much. I had to work today but not much happened," I say. "And do you just walk into my apartment without asking?"
"You know you don't care," she says. "And you need to get ready?"
"For what?" I ask. 
"Can't tell. Just come with me," she says and pulls me to my room. She sits me down on my bed and starts digging through my closet looking for something for me to wear. She finally found something and gave it to me. 
"What's going on," I ask. She didn't tell me and just pushed me into the bathroom and told me to get ready. Once I'm done, I came out. "Care to explain to me what's going on yet?"
"No time. We gotta go," she says.
"Go where?" I ask but she doesn't answer. She just drags me out to her car and drives to a beach. She takes me to a spot on the beach and walks off. "Hello?" I say. "Anyone here?"
"Lizzie," I hear someone say. I turn around to see Hunter standing behind me.
"Hunter," I say. I run over to him and give a hug. 
"Happy birthday, Lizzie," he says hugging me back.
"I thought you were suppose to be on tour," I say.
"I was," he says. "It ended early and I wanted to surprise you on your birthday."
"I love you Hunter," I say. 
"I love you too Lizzie," he says. Then he kisses me.

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