"Niall....." "Yes?" He said. "When can I take this blindfold off?" "Now." He said slippin it off of your head. You gasped at what you saw. It was his house, but completely decorated beautifully. "Niall it's amazing," you said excited since this was your first date with him. He nods as a thank you and invites you to sit down. "I made a song for you," he says, "I spent all yesterday writing the lyrics." He begins to strum his guitar. (He sings to you, stole my heart) "Awwww.." You say clapping and going over to peck his cheek. He shows you to the couch, and you guys just sit there, smiling at each other. "Hey!" Someone yells coming into the house. You laugh seeing that its the whole band. "Why hello there." Harry says walking over to you." "Uh-uh. She's my date bucko." Niall says standing in front of you. You stand behind niall, mimicking him. All the boys start to chuckle. And Niall looks behind him in the middle of your mimicking. You look down smiling slyly. "Y/N.." He says starting to chase after you. You scream running into his room to hide. You trip and fall onto his bed. He hovers over you, giving you soft, gentle kiss on the lips. "Luff you?" You say kissing him back. "Best date ever," Niall says leading you back into the living room.
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