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Sooo sorry this took so long!! I have had LOADS of school work and I haven't really had time to write.. :( BUT! Here is the imagine for @scomokamaho hope u like it, hun!
I frowned as the water turned cold. No more hot water... I stepped out of the shower and shuffled my music on my iPhone. I smiled as Imagine Dragons- On Top of The World came on. I turned the volume up on my speakers and put my bra and underwear on. I went over to my chest of drawers attempting to find my signature outfit, skinny jeans, converse, and a t-shirt. I searched through my drawers, trying to find my favorite shirt, with no luck. I moved on to the next drawer, ruining the neatly folded shirts. I began humming along to Moments by One Direction. "And this is-ohh, shoot. Sorry!" I turned around to see my sister won't her boyfriend and Niall Horan. Crud... They are looking at me and I'm almost naked! I dashed to grab something to cover myself, blushing furiously. "Catherineeeeee!!" I groaned. I swear, I will kill her after dinner... I heard Greg and Niall chuckle, "And this is Maggie." She said laughing as well. "Hi. Sorry, but I kind of need to get dressed so can you, like, go away.... Not to be rude. But Catherine, you stay here!" I said still a deep shade of red. Catherine shooed the boys away and sat on my bed. "Sorry.... I thought, you know, you were dressed and on Tumblr or Polyvore..." She said. I sighed. "I hate you so much right now...." I started. "I know, I know." She responded, laughing knowing I couldn't hate her. "But, could you explain to me why you didn't tell me your boyfriend is GREG HORAN and I'm about to go out and eat dinner with NIALL FREAKING HORAN!!!!!!" I shouted, as Catherine shook her head, laughing. "Yup, I'm dating Greg and yes, you are bout to go to Nando's with Niall Horan. Big deal." I looked at her, wide eyed. Really, BIG DEAL?! He saw me in my bra and underwear! I blushed again at the thought. "Anyway," she continued, "You should actually get dressed so we can go.." She told me. "I know, I'm trying to find my shirt." I said looking through my drawers once again. "FOUND IT!" I shouted and began getting dressed. My sister laughed at my happiness at finding a t-shirt and walked out of the room, me trailing behind her.
*At dinner*
"I'm Niall..." The breath taking dyed blond haired boy sheepishly said. Somehow we ended up sitting at our own table. My sister is up to something.... She has always wanted me to get a boyfriend... I laughed, "I know. I'm Maggie." I said blushing. He laughed. Oh god, his laugh. A magical sound. It makes everyone else in the room want to laugh. "I know. You have a rather nice body, I must say." He said scratching the back of his neck awkwardly. I could feel my checks heat up as I deeply blushed. "Thank you..... I think..." I said laughing. We want on and talked about nothing, but everything at the same time. After dinner, he walked me home, explaining that his brother told him about me and wanted him to meet me, probably my sisters doing. "So... Want to go on a proper, planned date with me...?" He asked blushing. " I would love to. Can I have your phone?" He looked at me questionably. "Number." I said, giggling. He looked so cute when he was confused and nervous. He gave me his phone and I gave him mine. I put my number in and gave it back to him he gave me a hug and a kiss on the check. "Bye, love!" He said. "Bye!" I said waving at him. I walked to my room and automatically got in bed. I got one last text. It read 
From: That hot Irishman Niall
Good night, love. Looking forward to our date! :) xx
I laughed at what he put himself in my phone as. And typed a reply. 
Good night, that hot Irishman Niall. Nice name, did u shorten it to Niall? Too much to say? Lol :) at least it's an honest name! U are a hot Irishman named Niall ;) xx

Hope you liked it! Sorry if it seems too long! :) xx

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