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 I was currently called to LA to record my first ever album! As you can probably tell I am an upcoming performer.You can call me Beatriz. Singing is my passion and im so glad I did all those YouTube videos! Oh! Did I not tell you that? Whoops...Well I am a famous YouTuber I do cover songs and my own songs on my channel. Its really fun. The perks about being a famous singer is all the paps and the rumors. Oh and the hate, definitely the hate. But that's a risk im willing to take because that's how much im devoted to my music. Today im supposed to go to the studio to record one of my original songs. Its called (im just going to use a real song so I can quote it) "Wings". 
 I then decided to get ready. (whole outfit is in the set)
 -at the studio- 
 Gah! I don't know where to go. Ive been here for a little over 15 mins and im late. I cant find my booth! Im already setting a bad example. Their probably going to cut my deal this is horrible. ;Okay Beatriz; I thought to myself. ;Calm down its going to be okay. Breathe in, breathe out. there you go. Now keep walking and hope someone will help you.; I kept walking like my scary but yet helpful conscious told me to do. ; Look Beatriz! A person! Now look like your a tourist from the planet "EMERGERD ITS AN URNICURN!!"; Okay im starting to not trust my inner thoughts anymore. But I pretended I was a tourist from the planet "EMERGURD ITS AN URNICURN!!"
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