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*You just finished decorating your house for your 21st birthday party with your boyfriend, Niall Horan, along with Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and your best friend*

You: Wow, great job you guys! Thanks for helping me.

The guys and your friend: No problem, you know you didn't have to help us, since it is your party.

You: yeah I know, but it wouldn't be fair to you guys cause you're my guests...

*before they could answer, guest start to arrive* 

You: Anyways, enjoys your hard work and I'll go greet the everyone at the door. 

Niall: I'll go with you babe.

*After greeting the rest of the 20 guests, the party goes into full swing with the music playing, the sun setting, and the lights twinkling outside in the patio, and your cake comes out* 

Niall (into a mic): So today is my lovely girlfriend's birthday, and we as One Direction wanted to perform a song for her because she is the greatest.

Liam, Zayn, Louis, Harry : We love you (your name) and you're just like family to us!

*Liam, Zayn, Louis, and Harry sing a cover of "Not A Love Song by Ross Lynch and Niall sings "Little Things"*

Liam: And now it is time to sing Happy Birthday.

*The boys then light up the candles and Niall warps his arms around your waist moving back and forth with you*

Niall: Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you....(he hums to you as everyone else sings to you too) 

*the song then comes to an end* 

Niall: Make a wish love.

*You blow out all the candles, wishing that your happiness would forever last* 

You: Thank you and please enjoy the desert bar, and some cake or more food to your liking (as you smile) 

*Niall then turns you around, and kisses you tightening his arms around you, as you have your hands in his hair. Flashes of light then wake you guys out of your stupor and you then see the guys taking pictures for memories. You blush, as Niall laughs.*

Niall: I love you.

You: I love you too.

*your night then closes out with every fairy tale a girl could ever want, as she was with her Prince Charming, who was a complete gentleman, with the best of friends by your side*
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