It was a Tuesday evening, and you were waiting for your boyfriend Niall to come home to tell him the news. Because you misses your period, you got a pregnancy test with you BFFL and it turned out positive. So now you were pacing around the house like a mad woman. The doorbell rings and you jump.
"(Y/N) I'M HOME!!!!"You here him scream. You calmly walk to the front door.
"Niall," you say, hearing your voice crack. He looks at you with worry in his eyes.
"Are you OK? Is it the hate? Did your family call you??" he asks worriedly.
"Noooo.... its just that..... well.... you promise not to yell or get mad??" He looks at you weirdly.
"Why would I yell at you babe?"
"Well.... I missed my period, so I got a pregnancy test...... and it kinda turned out.... positive," You say shaking. Niall stares at you. Running up the stairs, you here Niall call your name. You end up in the walk in closet, where you have your duffle bag already out. Niall comes in realizing what you are doing.
"(Y/N), why are you packing.."
"Because you don't want the baby so I'm moving out to have him or her on my own," you say on the verge of tears. He starts laughing. You feel his arms snake around your waist, holding your very small baby bump. 
"Are you crazy, of course I want the baby!" he whispers. He lets go of you and starts running around the flat.
"I'M GONNA BE A FATHER FOR MY BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND!!!" I start laughing. Running up to me, he starts babbling about baby names, how we are going to set up the nursery and who will be the god mother and father. THE END

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