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Lizzy's pov
"Louis" I yelled from down stairs. "Are you ready?" I asked hoping for a response. "What's up little sis" he asked. "You have to et ready for your do you know" I smiled. I was proud at him I don't know why but I think this girl was the one. "So do think this is something" I heard his soft voice behind me. I turns around and saw Louis in an sweater with an logo I didn't knew. He also had his favorite pants on. "It looks good. But you have to go now". He walked out the door and I waved at him. 

Louis pov
I walked to the door I was nervous. That's the reason why I asked my sister to come over. I knocked on the door I hear foot steps and the door swung open. I saw her with a bright smile. She took my arm and I lead her to my car. I opened the door and let her in. We drove to a restaurant. I didn't knew what it was called but it seemed nice. We walked in side. We both sat down and looked at the menu. I order beef with beans. And she chicken. It was a great night we talked a lot and when we finish our dinner I drive us to a hill. This place was a sort of my place no one came there. "I had fun tonight" I heard her voice "me to " we laid down and we looked at the stars It was romantic. We laid down there for it seemed hours. At the end it was just beautiful. We stood now I liked at get face it was perfect. I crabbed her waist and pull her closer. I kissed her and it was something special I knew it

It isn't that long so I hope it good enuf ❤

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