We were hanging out with Tyler Oakley (BFF) and Niall (Boyfriend) in my house making cupcakes

"I'll get the ingredients really!"-Niall volunteer.
"I'll mix the batter!"-Tyler exclaim.
"Then I'll bake them"-I laugh but i regret it.
"You wanna help me with the ingredients baby?"-Niall grab my waist.
"No no thats fine"-I got serious.
"I saw that face"-Niall made a puppy face.
"Yeah but im fine of baking them"-I whisper.
"C'mon Peyton I know you wanna do something more than baking them!"-Tyler pat my back.
"Fine what do you want me to do?"-I rolled my eyes.
"What about help me on the ingredients and mixing them"-Niall grab me to the counter.
"Ok"-I smiled.
"Great, now everybody as something to do"-Tyler clapped.
I bit my lip when i saw Niall lifting up his shirt to scratch his back.
But he saw me and pull me kissing and playing with my lips.
"No distractions please"-Tyler nodded.
"We should make a video of us making cupcakes"-Tyler wiped his nerdy glasses.
"Yeah!"-I stop kissing Niall.
Niall was grabbing my waist,having him up my chest,facing face-to-face.
"Can we Niall???"-I beg.
"Ahhhh fine,whatever my princess want"-Niall smiled.
"YAY!"-I laugh.
"Tyler! Set up the camera!"-I order Tyler.
"Right up!"-Tyler grab his phone and got it ready.
"Now lets get the ingredients"-I grab Niall where we kept the food.
"Wheres the recipe?"-Niall got confused
"In my recipes notebook that is next to the microwave"-I pointed to him.
Niall grab it and scan thru the pages.
"Here!"-Niall smiled.
"Now put the Ingredients in the table and wait for me there"-I told Niall.
Niall grab all the Ingredients and waited in the table while i grab the tray and papers.
"BOO!"-Tyler scare me.
I jumped and turn around.
"Stop!"-I slap his shoulder.
"Cmon"-Tyler told me leading me to the table.
We both got to the table and i saw his phone infront of the table long ways ready to go live.
"Great change to start your channel Peyton!"-Tyler said with excitement.
"I know im excited!"-I grab Niall's arm.
"Ok got everything ready?"-Tyler
go adjust the camera.
"Niall, you sure this all the ingredients?"-I checked the ingredients that were lined up in the table.
"Yeah!"-Niall checked the recipe.
I finished checking the ingredients.
"Yeah it all of it"-I smiled and faced Niall.
Niall pointed to his cheek and i know what he wanted.
*Muah* i kissed Niall's cheek.
Niall blushed and hugged me.
"Ok going on 5....4.....3"-Tyler told us.
Me and Niall got away from eachother and got ready.
"2....1"-Tyler got besides us, smiling.
"HELLO HELLO HELLO!"-Tyler welcomed.
Me and Niall waved and smiled.
"Hello guys,how are yall doing today?"-Tyler said straight to the camera.
"Hope you had a good Tuesday and ready for another video!"Tyler cheered.
"YAY!"-Me and Niall scream.
"As you can see im with Niall Horan from 1D and his girlfriend Peyton"-He introduce us.
"Hello!"-Niall said in a sweet voice.
"Hi"-I waved.
"Now we are gonna make cupcakes!"-He spread his arms showing the ingredients behind us.
"Imma be the taster"-Niall nodded.
"Wait untill its all baked Niall!"-Tyler warned him.
Niall cross his arms.
"Now lets get started!"-I started speaking.
*They started introducing the ingredients and mixing them*
"Now taste if it taste like vanilla"-I give the spoon full of vanilla to Niall
Niall lick his lips and stuck the spoon to his mouth.
"Mmmmmm"-Niall rub his stomach.
Niall grab another spoon and fill it with vanilla and shoved it to my mouth
"Hmmmmm"-I tried to grab the falling vanilla left.
Tyler laughed with Niall.
I cover my mouth trying to swallow it.
I swallow it but still have some in my lips.
"I'll help"-Niall got closer and kiss me ,helping me. (It was kinda awkward but cute)
"Awwwwww"-Tyler lean his head to the side.
I blushed and kissed his cheek.
"Now lets pour them in the tray"-Niall smiled looking at me.
I put the little paper in each hole of the tray.
Now Niall pour the vanilla to each hole and put in inside the oven.
"Will be back in 30 mins"-Tyler announce.
Tyler stop the video and clean the table.
"Now put the frosting and all the final stuff in the table"-Tyler told us.
Niall grab my hand drag me in the kitchen.
We found all the stuff and put them in the table.
"Cmon"-Niall told me.
I followed Niall the kitchen again.
Niall carried me and put me ontop of the kitchen counter.
He got between my legs and grab my waist.
"Can i eat you?"-Niall smell my neck.
I nodded.
Niall started pecking my lips so slowly and so romantic.
I felt Niall's hands grabbing my legs.
30 mins passed and we were still kissing.
"GUYS ITS TIME BE LIVE"-Tyler scream.
Tyler enter to the kitchen and found us kissing.
Tyler grab a pan and a spoon and bang it.
Me and Niall stop looked at Tyler.
"We have to continue now"-Tyler pointed to the table.
Niall looked at me and kissed me 3 times and carry me back down.
Niall put on his shirt that i took off and walked with me to the table.
Tyler unpause the video
"WELCOME BACK"-Tyler scream full of excitement.
"Now we already baked the cupcake now we need to decorated!"-I howled.
I made the frosting with Niall's help and Tyler was guiding us.
We made the frosting.
Tyler took the cupcakes out of the refrigerator and place them in the table.
Niall and I grab a cupcake and put frosting in it.
Tyler guide us thru.
"And done!"-Tyler clap.
Me and Niall clap.
Tyler helped us do the rest of the 23 cupcakes.
"Here you can this one that i made full of love"-I hand on to Niall.
Tyler shriek.
Niall kissed me and lick the frosting first.
Then i grab one,took off the paper and take a bite.
By the time a glance at Niall,he finished his cupcake.
Niall grab another cupcake and shoved it to my nose making it full of frosting.
Niall lick my nose and kissed me
Imagine for @cutelittleanons

Hope you like it and changes?
It was a honor and sorry it took along time!
Like ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Wrote three years ago
@cutelittleanons sure!

Wrote three years ago
k I'll wait, could you message me when you've finished them?

Wrote three years ago
@cutelittleanons ummmmmmmm.........not sure im still doing like 7 imagines but u have to wait

Wrote three years ago
is there a possibility of me being able to have another one?

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