I woke up this morning with a text from Niall saying,
"Isabel, I want tonight to be special and fun. So lets play a game, at 8:00pm you will get your first clue. Love you, Niall." 

I was confused but excited! A clue for what? And every moment I spend with Niall is special and fun, so what would make tonight any different? We've been dating for three years now, in fact, today is our anniversary. He better make tonight great because I have to wait all the way 'till then to see him. 

I got that text at 9am and it is now 7:50pm. I can't wait ten more minutes, each second is excruciating! I decided to play temple run to try to take up some time. I was just in the middle of a really long streak when, *ding dong*. It made me jump, but I set down my iPad and looked at the time. 8:00!! My first clue. 
I ran to the door and threw it open, but nobody was there. Just a box wrapped in pink paper and a gold bow. I grabbed the box and ran inside, I may have even forgotten to shut the front door. 

I opened the box and inside was a note that said, 
"Red has always been my favorite color on you. Put this dress on and go to Larry's Ice Cream and ask for the daily special, that is where you will find your next clue. Love you, Niall."

Red dress? I looked back at the box and tore off the tissue paper inside. Omg!! It was the most beautiful red dress I have ever seen. Amazing and sexy, but way too fancy for an ice cream parlor. And "the daily special"? Niall's taken me to Larry's a thousand times and I don't remember anything about a daily special. Tonight was getting more confusing by the minute, but more interesting too. 

After showering, matching a pair of heels to that incredible dress, and doing my make up and hair, I finally got to Larry's. 

I got a couple strange stares from the other customers, but I got huge smiles from the staff. That made me nervous for some reason. None the less, I walked to the counter and asked for the daily special. The guy behind the counter smiled the biggest smile I've ever seen and with a, "coming right up." He handed me a flat box wrapped in pink paper and a gold bow, that matched the bigger box from earlier. And then he handed me one scoop of vanilla ice cream on a paper plate. A plate? Isn't ice cream supposed to be served in a bowl?

"Umm thanks, how much do I owe you?" I asked while I started to reach into my purse. 
"Nothing, it's already been paid for." He said, still with that ginormous smile. 
"Ok, thanks." I smiled and walked over to a table. Before I had a chance to sit down, though, the guy from behind the counter shouted over to me, 
"Make sure you eat everything, don't leave one drop!" Smiling even more then before, if that was possible. I gave him a weird look but did what he instructed. 

I opened the box and a beautiful silver and black necklace and matching earrings were in it! They were gorgeous and looked really expensive. Niall Horan where are you taking me tonight!?!?

Half way through my scoop I noticed that the plate had writing on it. Oh! That's why I can't leave a drop!! I finished the rest as fast as I could. Taking bites as much as I could fit in my mouth. When I was done I grabbed a napkin and wiped off the little bit that had melted. It was Niall's script. 
"Larry's is where we had our first date, so it just seemed appropriate for tonight. Wear what's in this box and then go to the fountain down the street where we had our first kiss. You will find your next clue there. Love you, Niall." 

Another clue! I can't wait! Every clue I get a new present! I thought and laughed to myself as I ran to my car. Okay, our FKF (first kiss fountain) was about five minutes away, but only three if I sped. I decided not to risk it though, getting pulled over would only make it longer. There were only three traffic lights on the way, but of course they all turned red right when I got to them. So much for three minutes, this is taking eight. 

What felt like an hour later, I finally got to the park with the fountain. Throwing my car door shut I ran as fast as I could (which in heels, wasn't very fast). 

When I got there, there was a pink envelope with a gold bow on the wall of the fountain. Oh darn, no box this time, maybe it's a gift card to Forever 21 or something! I had to say I was slightly disappointed when I opened it and it was just a penny. Also a note that said, 
"Close your eyes, toss this penny into the fountain, and make a wish. Love you, Niall."

Umm... Okay. I looked around for a second and then closed my eyes.
"I wish my boyfriend would show up already." I laughed as I tossed in the penny. 
When I was done I opened my eyes but still didn't see Niall, I didn't see any other clue either. What was I supposed to do now? I wasn't really sure so I decided to walk back to my car to check to see if another clue had magically appeared. Or at least that's what I thought I was going to do. Right when I turned away from the fountain I stopped dead in my tracks. 
"Niall?" I said, barely able to breath. 
"Isabel," Niall started, he was down on one knee, "We have been dating for three years now, and they have been the best years of my life. You make me the happiest man on the planet and without you I don't know if I'd even be able to breath." 

By this point I was crying and realized that I hadn't taken a breath since I saw him. 

"Looking into your green eyes makes me feel like I'm home. Hearing your voice makes me believe in angels. And seeing your smile gives me hope that I will never be sad ever again. I want to feel that way for the rest of my life." He continued, then he pulled out a little black box from his pocket. He opened it and inside was the most beautiful ring I'd ever laid my eyes on. 

"I want to make you feel the way I do or spend the rest of my life trying. I love you so much. Will you marry me, Isabel." He finished. 
I couldn't see from all the tears and I still wasn't breathing. I looked at the ring and then back at Niall and realized he was holding his breath, too. I wiped under my eyes and then sucked in as much air into my lungs as possible.

"Y-y-yes!" I finally let escape my mouth, "Yes Niall Horan! I will marry you and make you feel this way forever!"

He let go of his breath and then grabbed my left hand. After slipping the ring onto my fourth finger he stood up and pulled me to him by my hips. Grabbing the back of his head with both hands, I tugged him to me and our lips collided. We kissed for about twenty seconds and then pulled away and looked at each other. 

"Yes..." I whispered again. 

@isabel303x hope it was worth the wait, I had to make it long to make up for that lol. 

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