Imagine for Katie @katiewiacek 

I stepped out of the car and smoothed my dress. I closed the door behind me and waited for my older sister Erica to do the same. She did and came around to meet me. "I'm so excited!" She said and started walking to the church doors. I sighed and followed. 

Erica's best friend was getting married today, and because she was like a sister to me, I was invited too. 

"I'm so excited! Denise and Greg are uh-dor-able! I totally ship their little hearts out!" Erica rambled as we walked into the church. 

Denise didn't want to have a bridal party, but she did want everyone one to be wearing pink for breast cancer awareness. She had always been one for charity and stuff like that. 

We quickly went to our seats, considering we were a little late. Erica squealed a little as the door opened and the ceremony began. 

A little while later, the ceremony was over and the reception began. I sat next to Erica at our assigned table with the newly weds and their families. I ate quietly and listened to the conversations around me. No one spoke to me and I was okay with that. I was interested in listening to Denise and Greg and their plans. 

As I finished my delicious meal, I felt a light tap on my shoulder. I turned to see Greg's best man looking at me shyly. "Um, hi. I'm Niall." I smiled. "Hi Niall, I'm Katie." "I like your dress." I blushed a little and thanked him. And then I decided to have a little fun with him. 

"I'm so glad to be your sister-in-law!" I said happily. His smile faded and he turned bright red. "S-sister-in-law? You're Denise's sister? She never mentioned she had a sister!" He tried to cover his surprise but failed epically. I laughed and patted his shoulder. "Oh dear Niall. No, I'm just messing with you. Denny and my sister Erica are best friends. I can only dream that Den could be my sister, she's amazing! Greg is lucky." 

Niall let out a deep breath. "Good, cuz I don't think I could stand having you as a sister-in-law," he joked. I faked hurt and wiped away a few invisible tears, careful not to smudge my mascara. "Hurtful!" I whined. 

Our playful banter continued until Greg and Denise announced they were cutting the cake. Niall, Erica, and I went and watched. Erica and I helped pass out the cake, so I lost track of Niall. After a while, Erica and I stood over to the side. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind. I turned my head and smiled. "Hiya Ni." "Hi Katie! Free hugs."

We stood there for a minute, his arms wrapped around my midsection. "How many pieces of cake have you had?" Niall shoved a bit into his mouth and thought as he chewed. "Mmm, 4 I think." My eyes widened. The pieces were giant, and I hadn't even had one yet. "Niall!" I said and grabbed a piece for myself, completely abandoning my position at the serving table. He and I walked over to an empty table and sat, eating our cake eagerly. 

We ate in silence for a while, chow ing down messily. After a while, Niall broke the silence. "Ya know what?" "What?" I replied as I stuffed more cake in my mouth. "You're quite gorgeous."

At this, I choked. Niall looked at me, concerned, as I coughed loudly. "What?" "You're beautiful." I blushed as I looked at Niall. "Thanks Ni."

Niall and I talked and talked... And talked and talked. By the time we exchanged numbers, most people had left the reception. We hugged and went our ways. Actually, Erica had picked me up, literally, and dragged me outside. Niall had chased her and I to say goodbye. 

"I'll see ya soon, right Katie?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around me. I copied him and nodded. "Of course you will." I pulled away and got in the car. I rolled my window down as Erica started to drive away. 

Niall yelled something at me that I couldn't understand. "What?!" I called back. 

"YOU'RE QUITE GORGEOUS!!!" He screamed, and it echoed. I blushed and pulled out my phone, texting him quickly. 

"Aww shucks."

Did you like it? Should I change anything?
Disclaimer- I don't really know anything about the wedding, if everyone wore pink or if Denise has a sister and stuff. So yeah
I know I promised bunches of imagines to bunches of people, but I'm sorry! I cannot fulfil my promise. I am truly sorry. 
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