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You're nine months passed, and Liam is nervous as ever. You are surprisingly calm. 
“Madi, can I get you anything? Are you ok? How are you feeling?” rambles a nervous Liam. 
“Liam, hon, I'm fine, relax. It's not like I'm in labor!” you reply. You cringe. Water hits the floor and your legs get wet. 

“Oh my god Madi did you speak too soon?!” Liam shrieks. You weakly nod your head. He grabs you hand and holds it tightly, then grabs the phone and calls 999. “Hello? My name is Liam Payne, my wife is going into labor. We're going to need an ambulance.” says Liam into the phone. He nervously runs his hand through his hair, gives the person on the other end, and hangs up. He guides you to the door and helps you put on your shoes. 

The ambulance arrives shortly after and you guys QUICKLY get in. Liam holds your hand the whole ride. 

“Liam Payne? You are now the father of a beautiful baby girl—perfectly healthy.” says the nurse, who hands Liam your daughter. Liam and you cry and smile and laugh for what feels like forever. 
“Have you guys thought of a name for your baby?” asks the nurse. 
“Yes,” you say and smile. “Cassidy, 

Liam gives you Cassidy. “Hello Cassidy, hello baby. Hello, hello.” you caress Cassidy's soft little cheek. You give her a light kiss on her forehead.
“You're so soft!” you say quietly. 

Liam comes over and kisses your cheek. 
“I love you both so much.”

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