"Hey there Sarah(Im gonna use this name since it is in your tag)" Louis said walking into your shared flat.
"Hey..." You've been a bit down lately..mostly because of whats going on on the internet.
"Whats wrong? Don't let all of that get to you."
"I try!! But it just sits in my mind and I cant stop thinking about it."
You've been getting hate ever since you started dating Louis.
Those were in the top ten trends on twitter. They made a page on facebook about you.
"Why don't I take you to Starbucks to cheer you up?" He knew you would never turn that down.
"Sure." Since you were in Louis's onesie(it cheered you up), You went to your room and got dressed in better clothes.
**At starbucks**
"One mocha frappucino and one caramel cappuccino please." Louis got you both coffee and came and sat down. But you were interrupted by a mob of fans.
"Hey Sarah!! Get away from Louis!! You don't deserve each other!!"
"Hey Sarah, can you give us a big smile?!"
"Show us what you show Louis!!"
"Guys, I think thats enough." Louis was getting the paparazzi and fans to go away. But of course, they wouldn't.
"Sarah. Why are you even with Louis. Weren't you dating David three months back?"
"WAS dating David. I don't care about that idiot anymore. I only care about the people who mean something to me." You looked at Louis.
Louis got up, pulled you off the chair, dipped you, and kissed you in front of the paparazzi and the fans screaming and crying at the fact of it.
He pulled you back up so you were standing and facing him.
"I love you Sarah...you know that right?"
"Yes I do. I love you too."
You two kissed again.
HI!!! @sarahbr1102 I hope that you liked it and that it was what you asked for. Tell me what you thought!! -Lxx
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