The bell rang, and I let out a heavy sigh, glad the Maths class was over. Standing up, I filed out of the dimly lit, poorly decorated classroom with all of the other kids. Down the hall I went to my squeaky locker door with its chipped blue paint, and shoved what I didn't need inside, and took what I did out. After stuffing it all into my bag, I was off. Down the hall I went, occasionally smiling at the people I called friends. I stepped outside into the brisk winter air, filled with big, fluffy snowflakes. There, in the layers of piling snow, the new kid was pushed down, and his books flew everywhere. The football boys laughed, one of them kicking the boy, I believe his name was Niall, before walking away. I frowned, seeing him curled in the snow and his books strewn about, and sighed in frustration. Why did the football boys have to be such asses? I had been the knew kid once, and I knew exactly how the boy must feel. Trotting down the stairs, I picked up his books for him, before walking over and holding out my hand to help him up. Frowning, he took my hand and stood up shakily, hand on his kicked side. 
"Are you alright?" I asked kindly, tempted to reach up and smooth out his rumpled blonde hair. 
"Y-yeah, I'll just... Go..." He reached out to take his books and I handed them back, first dusting some snowflakes off of them. 
"Hey, hang on. I'm Sydnee." I held out my hand, and he shook it gently. 
"Niall." He said shyly, blushing down at his scuffed Adidas shoes. 
"Hey, would you maybe wanna... Come over?" I asked, now blushing myself. 
"Like... To your house?" He asked, watching my hand as I moved a strand of curly hair off of my face. 
"Yeah. You can follow me there in your car, if you want." I smiled, warming up to this boy. 
"Oh... I don't... Have... A car..." He said, and I blinked. 
"Oh! Okay, you can just ride with me and I'll drop you off at your house later." I said, and he nodded. Leading him to my car, we climbed in and were off. 

"I'd better get home..." Niall said after a few hours, during which we'd done the Maths assignment, played a mean game of football (soccer) in my basement, and watched Grease. Grease had just ended, and as the credits were playing, I became aware of how close Niall and I were sitting. I leaned slightly closer, resting against his chest. 
"Are you sure? Can't you stay for dinner?" I turned to look at him and our faces were just inches apart. 
"I..." He trailed off, eyes darting to my lips and then slowly pulling back to my eyes. His hand moved from his lap to my hip and leaned closer. His breath brushed my lips, and I smiled slightly, before closing the space between us, my lips lightly brushing his. He deepened the kiss, and I moved so that I was on his lap, legs swung to one side of him and arms wrapped around his neck. When we pulled away, we were both breathless. 
"Maybe I will stay for dinner..." He said, and I smiled before pressing my lips against his again. 
@sydneerh hope this was good, love!! 
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I love these things. :)

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Aww so cute

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#lovebutton !!!

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