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* Leslie P.O.V * 

I Sat On The Couch Staring At The TV Waiting For Harry To Get Here. I Herd A Knock And Bolted Towards The Door Taking No Time To Open Up. I Flung The Door Open And There He Stood In His Pajamas Holding Two Cups Of Coffee. I Smiled And Welcomed Him In. He Handed Me One Of The Coffees And Walked Into The Kitchen. Harry's Been My Best Friend Since We Were In 1st Grade & I Really Like Him But So Does Everyone Else. 

" Sorry I Took So Long Babe." He Gave Me A Kiss On The Cheek As I Sat On The Chair Next To His. 

" It's Alright, Your Here Now." I Smiled At Him And Took A Sip Of The Coffee. Today Was One Of The Colder Days And I Was Shivering. 

" Are You Cold Love ? " I Shook My Head And He Got Up And Gave Me His Jacket. 

He Walked To The Living Room And Came Right Back Out. He Went Upstairs And Was Up There For About 5 Min. I Couldn't Stop Thinking About How Sweet He Was Being. Im So Happy My Roommate Rachel Went Out Tonight, It's Just Me And Harry. Harry Snapped Me Out Of My Thoughts When He Walked Downstairs With A Big Fluffy Blanket. He Signaled Me To Follow Him So I Got Up And We Both Walked To The Living Room. 

Harry Took His Jacket And Placed It On A Chair. He Sat Me On The Couch And Covered Me With The Blanket. He Grabbed A Few Movies And Handed Them To Me. He Walked Back Into The Kitchen Coming Back With My Coffee. He Handed It To Me But Me Being The Klutz I Am Dropped It All Over The Floor, And His Shoes. 

" O-oh My, I- Im So Sorry !" I Got Up To Go Get Some Napkins But Harry Sat Me Back Down. 

" Leslie Don't Worry About It." He Smiled At Me & Slipped Out Of His Shoes. He Got Some Napkins & Cleaned Up The Mess I Made. 

" Harry You Don't Have To Do That, I Made The Mess. The Least I Could Do Is Clean It Up After I Messed Up Your Shoes." I Honestly Felt Terrible About It, Yet He Was Being So Nice To Me. 

" Leslie, I Told You It's Fine. I'll Just Buy Some New Shoes." He Finished Cleaning Up And I Still Felt Horrible For What I Did. He Walked In And Saw I Wasn't To Happy. He Sat Next To Me And Turned To Face Me, I Did The Same. 

" What's Wrong Love ?" He Questioned Me With A Frown 

" Harry I Just Messed Up Your Shoe's, I Feel Terrible About It." A Tear Rolled Down My Face, I Wanted To Stop It But It Was To Late. 

Harry looked straight into my eyes, wiped away my tear and leaned in to kiss me. With the touch of his lips I felt something I never felt before, not with any other boy. Harry was special and I love him. Every kiss was an explosion of fireworks bursting inside of me. He let me go and gave me one last kiss. I smiled at the moment that I realized what had just happened. We both laughed like a couple of idiots. He put on a movie and turned off the lights. He kissed me again, again and again. Not like we were gonna watch the movie anyways. 

Hope you liked it :] ♡


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