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Imagine that you and your best friend were really bored, so you both decided to go out to Costa. 
"Why can't we go to Starbucks?" You moaned as you walked down the street. 
"Because Costa rules, Starbucks drools." Your best friend huffed, and you rolled your eyes. 
Suddenly, someone knocked into you, spilling hot coffee over you. 
"I am so, so sorry!" A husky, British voice apologised. 
"It's fine." You sighed as you wiped your new jack Wills hoodie. You were lying, it wasn't actually fine. 
"No it's not! Jack Wills isn't cheap!" The man said, and you finally looked up to see the most brilliant green eyes you'd ever seen. 
"My name's Harry." The curly haired boy grinned cheekily as he continued to state into your amazing *your eye colour here* orbs. 
"Y/N" you said, and Harry smiled. 
"Beautiful name for a beautiful girl." He winked, and you found a blush appearing on your cheeks. Your best friend gagged, and smacked your arm. 
"Seriously, Y/N? Just hurry up, Costa is waiting for us." She said impatiently, and you sighed before turning back to Harry. 
"It's fine, Costa awaits. Although, I have to say that Starbucks is a lot better." He said, and you laughed. 
"That's what I said!" You grinned, and Harry grinned back. 
"Here." Harry said before pulling out a pen and writing his number down on your hand. 
"Call me some time, and we can go to Starbucks, instead of that horrible Costa place." He winked, then walked away. 
"He was so fit." You sighed as you watched him walk away. 
"Whatever. I prefer Josh Hutcherson." Your best friend said, and you both got in a debate on who was the hottest as you walked to Costa.

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