I had just finished my dance recital and everybody was congratulating me for the performance.
Suddenly, someone grabs me by my back and spins me in the air. I looked back and saw my boyfriend, Louis.
- Congratulations hon, you were so beautiful! - he said, smiling proudly. - And everyone stood up and clapped!
- Well, 90% of the audience were directioners!
- And? You were beautiful anyway!
- Gianna! - I heard someone calling my name. I looked back and saw my old dance instructor.
- Mrs. Ryan! - I said, running to her and hugging her. - What are you doing here?
- You thought that I'd miss my best dancer's first performance?
- Oh, c'mon, I'm not your best dancer... - I said, shy.
- You're not cause I'm no longer your instructor. Girl, you were so beautiful! I bet that the show producer didn't regret of putting you as leading dancer! You... you just... I'm so proud of you! - her eyes started to get wet, and so were mine.
- Oh, come here. - and I hugged her.
- May I still you Gianna, madame? - Louis grabbed my hand and smiled to Mrs. Ryan.
- Yeah, take her, young men!
- No need to say it twice! - he said, putting his arm around my waist. Then he whispered to my ear - go and change your clothes, I need to take you to a place.
- Where Louis?
- Surprise!
- Tell me! - I said, pouting, but he didn't say anything. - You know I don't like surprises.
- I think you'll love this one. Now go and get ready fast. I'll be waiting for you in the car. - he kissed me and went out to the parking lot.
I changed as fast as I could, but in my way out, everybody was congratulating me, and when I was almost reaching the car, lots of fans appeared from nowhere, taking photos, screaming and asking for autographs. Fortunately, Louis saved from all those girls and took me to the car.
- I thought I was going to die there! - I took a deep breath.
- You should get used to, I mean, we're dating for almost four years and this is kinda normal.
- I think I'll never get used to this.
Louis smiled.
- Well, babe, I'm gonna ask you something, but you need to promiss me that you'll do what I'm asking, ok? - he was looking at me with his gorgeous eyes. How could I say now?
- Ok. - I sighed.
- I want you to close your eyes and do not open them until I say, ok?
- Do I really need to that?
- Please GiGi, please please please!
I always loved the way that he called me GiGi.
- Ok ok, I'll do it!
- Yey! - Louis looked like a kid.
I closed my eyes and heard Louis start the car and drive.
- Are we there? - I asked.
- But babe, we just left the theater!

------ 10 minutes later ------

- Have we arrived? - I asked again.
- Half way baby.

----- 5 minutes later ----

- And now, have we arrived? - I was starting to get a bit upset.
- Relax baby, just a bit more. - Louis said, trying to comfort me.
- You know, my ass hurts for being so much time sit!
- Seriously, just a dancer to complain of being sit for 15 minutes!
We both laughed.

----- 3 minutes later -----

I heard the car stopping and a door opening and then closing. Then, I heard my door opening and I felt Louis putting his arm around to lead me. Then he closed the door and we started walking.
- Louis, I think I'll fall.
- It's ok baby, trust me.
We walked a bit more.
- 1, 2, 3, open your eyes!
I opened my eyes and realized that we were in a huge cinema hall. In the middle of the sits, it was a small table with some popcorn, pizza, cola coke and some donuts.
- What is this Louis?
- Well, you told me that yoo'd be hungry after the show, so I decided to make you a surprise.
- Yeah, but why here?
- Look at the screen. - he turned my face to the screen and I saw some faces that I recognized.
- Wait. Is that... is that Doctor Who?
- Yup. You missed todays episode, and it was the last one! So, I thought that you needed to watch it.
- And you reserved this whole room just for us two?
- Well, I know a guy who works here. He gave lots of movies and series for us to watch. Oh, and he also said that we could stay here the whole night. - Louis smiled.
- Oh My God!!! - I was so happy. I was completely obsessed by Doctor Who and today was the last episode, and I couldn't watch it because of the dance recital. - I love you so much BooBear!!!!
I hugged him and kissed him passionately.
- Love you too Gi. But I've got something else for you. - he started looking for something on his pockets, but it seemed that he didn't find what he was looking for. - Damn it, it's in the car! Baby, wait a second here, ok?
- Ok... - I was cut off by his rush kiss and saw him running out the room.
A few minutes later, he was back in the room.
- Ok... so... I'm really tired... but... I'll try... to do this... the best way... - he knelt awkwardly - Gianna... you know... better than anyone... that... I love you... so... do you... wanna... marry... this.... breathless guy...?
I started laughing
- Why... why are you... laughing?
I lifted him up and kissed him.
- Yes, of course I wanna marry this breathless guy! You're not just breathless, you're breathtaking!
He smiled and we kissed again.
- I... I love you... Gianna Tomlinson...
I smiled.
- I love you too.

so, do you like it?
I know you love Doctor Who, so I think you'll like it.
Sorry just posting it now, as I told you, I had an exam and I needed to study.
I just hope everyone loves it :D
Stay cool guys ♥
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@benefitbeauty07 :D

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Awwww I feel loved!! <3

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@benefitbeauty07 oh, thank you so much, but the sweet girl in here is you :D ♥

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You are really sweet. You just are. <3 :) ;)



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